Twitter’s New Safety Updates

Twitter has recently come up to reprogram its safety issues and that it has made a number of changes in relation to how to report abusive tweets, to prevent abusive logins, safe searches and reducing the number of popped of notifications to name a few.  Well, they have recently supplemented their company with leverage in relation to technology purposes and are switching over to every account in which abusive content is seen or noted even if there has been no report regarding the same.

Also, they are now working on the most important aspect which is following only known people and that even the content of their tweets is being taken care of. According to the officials “We aim to only act on accounts when we are confident, based on our algorithms, that their behavior is abusive.” The additional tools that have been added in the recent while are also being given importance in design and control. New filtering options have been set for notifications and also the revelation of a twitter account as in what all is visible from your restricted account like your mail id, profile picture and more of such type.

The company has also started work on communication with customers and are transforming into completely transparent organizations with the revelation of step wise actions taken by the company on abuses and reports filed. Well, this was some of the ground work the company has reported in a recent while and we hope to feature such safety issues soon.

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