10 Most Awaited Technology Crunches

Technology has been widened beyond our perspective and that the leaps it is taking is breathtaking. Whether it is about the various smartphones launched daily or the new shades of tablets, technology has enabled life to be not just simpler but also fun. Well, there’s already an overview of what the next generations would spoon feed on but here are the most awaited top 10 technologies coming up.

  1. Tooth Sensors: research and working at Princeton and Tufts have got a scientist to develop Tooth Sensors which are extremely thin and are basically developed to prevent people from visiting dentists.  The sensors have got specific sensors fitted that will alert you when any infection is detected and hence you can prevent any further infection or aggravation for the same.
  2. Google Glass: Google Glass is the most awaited technology device that the world has been waiting for. Giving a receptive information of everything you see is as amazing as it sounds and that it is no less than seeing the future in a small window.
  3. Myo: deriving its name from the muscular tissues of our body, Myo is a flexible wristband that has the capability to pick up the electrical action of your muscles. It is loaded with sensors and will soon be available for android and iOS.
  4. Billboard: ever heard of a billboard producing clean and fresh water? Recently University of Engineering and Technology, Peru and Mayo Draft FCB has come up with a billboard producing about 26 gallons of fresh water every day by filtration processes.
  5. Form 1: it is all about making your own 3D products and that is what Form 1 aims at. It is a 3D printer that can transform your digital design into a solid product and that there is no limitation for you to produce your own personally designed product.
  6. Oculus Rift: this eye gear might look heavy but has a lot of happening inside. Made with a view of transforming virtual reality gaming, Oculus Rift allows you to play the game physically and get a view of real gaming of reel life.
  7. Smart Things: probably the most awaited product for the betterment of our future, Smart Things enable you to have your own sensors. Yes, you hear it right!  It can sense smoke fumes, alarms, humidity and pressure variations, changes in your home just a click away at your smartphones.
  8. Parallella: in order to change the composition of computers, Parallella has been designed. Designed as a supercomputer, it can easily process any complex software in no time and will work on speech recognition, holographic display, and object tracking to name a few.
  9. Google Driveless Car: video cameras, radar, and some sensors are all you need to drive this car to your destination. Well, reducing human load is what Google is aiming at with this innovation.
  10. Eye Tribe: imagine playing your game just with the movement of your eyeballs. That’s it! Working on Eye- Tracking technology, it aims at playing games just with the movement of your eyes.

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