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Stuff I Starred Saturday – Welcome To The Wonderful

I haven’t done this is a long time.  Not because there hasn’t been star worthy stuff.  Of course there has.  There is always an infinite amount of cool and wonderful things and people in the world and on the internet.  Which is why we’re all so crazy for Pinterest.

I haven’t been participating much in the internet-y stuff of days gone by.  In fact, I haven’t been participating in much these days.  Except for my nemesis, science.  That wily fuck.  What I have been knee deep and balls to the walls in is El Depresión, that cagey bastard.  He and science have joined forces to take me down.

There’s little things that keep the muck from consuming me completely like a symbiotic Venom-like creature.  Things like unexpected cards from badasses of internet fame and friendship, like Daryl Dixon taking us to the gun show while ganking Walkers with his badass crossbow and surly-redneck-with-the-heart-of-gold thang.  Like a tree covered in mismatched memories or a friend I’ve never met getting some well deserved recognition.

But the big things have been evident this week and I want to say a hallefuckinglujah and respek to all of that.  The internet can harbor some pockets of bile and provide a safe space for mean girls and bullies, but it can also be so kind and remind us of who we really want to be.  And it can take us on a wild and wacky ride through communal magic.  That shit should be participated in to the fullest and celebrated on the regular.  Which is what I want to do with these precious links I lay at your feet.  Welcome to the wonderful.

Coming Into The Light by Empty the Well

James Garfield For Sainthood by the Bloggess

Listed.  Happy.  Trophy-less.  by Moosh in Indy

NOMNOMNOM by #VandalEyes

Where Are Gay Men’s Vaginas? by We Know Awesome

Make This World Mo Betta by, uh, me.  Just read it, it’s a warm fuzzy and a way to give back.

Ellen’s Mom Cloned Herself And Got Married (psych.  warm fuzzies all up in my eye holes and my heart parts)

Stuff I Starred Saturday – It’s Baack

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting SISS for quite some time.  You also might not have noticed.  Probably more likely the latter.  But no matter because it’s back for a limited time at the very least.  The hiatus was not due to any lack of awesome on the internetties, but much more to do with my inherent laziness multiplied by that depression motherfucker added to I just started school.

Hey y’all, guess what I learned at school this week.  You can search for information on Google.  It has like, all the knowledge of the world.  Also, accept and except mean two totally different things.  And finally, a Master’s degree does not absolve one of the need to shower.

And now it’s almost Easter, which to a non-Christian(me) doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot.  It’s like the anti-holiday holiday.  Except for the Cadbury mini eggs, which are leading me down the road to diabetes one egg at a time.  One egg, one bag.  Tomato, tomato.

Easter has never really been a big deal in our home, even when we were technically Christians.  Which was to say, not at all by the standards of other Christians.  Something about living communally with a charismatic leader while praying to many “Masters”(sorta like saints or mini gods or Steve Jobs) doesn’t really go over to well with the Jesus crowd.  The best thing about Easter was the new dress.  The worst thing about Easter was the potential to spend up to twelve long hours sitting on the hard ass ground of Ascension Hill while we wait for some “Master” to dictate to us through their conduit, Mother.  Let me tell you, I would rather go naked for a week than suffer through that, and the subsequent lobster-like burn, again.

So Easter has always been a non-event for me.  But dudes, now a have a kid.  A kid that could potentially help me re-live all the cool shit about childhood.  Egg dying was cool, we should do that shit.  Easter baskets were cool, check.  Egg hunts were balls out.  I once won the hunt by finding a marble egg.  Awesomesauce.  Sweet, my mom’s group has an annual egg hunt so I don’t even have to plan the shit myself.  I just stuff a few eggs, bring something yummy and show up.  I am so making Pioneer Woman’s Vanilla Scones.  I am a domestic goddess.  I make Cake Batter Muddy Buddies AND Cake Batter Rice Krispies.  I scoff at vanilla scones.  And then I devour them.  With my mouth.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that scones require specialized equipment?  Pastry cutters and sifters and rolling pins.  I mean, who has this shit?  It’s archaic.  Everyone must know by now that you can buy the cookies already cut out.  You just stick them in the oven and it’s homemade goodness.  In my mouth.

So I McGyver’ed up some specialized kitchen shit and did the thing.  PW told me(and the rest of the viewing and/or reading public) that the dough would be quite crumbly.  Oh, P Dub, you so crazy.  I scoff at crumbly dough.  Until I’m left, weeping, with a crumbly pile of dough that refuses to be rolled out flat by my coffee thermos rolling pin.  Somehow I manage to soldier on and create some pretty tasty cakes drenched in tastiness.  But these are not the lovely, perfect scones of one Mrs. P. W. Diddy.  No, these are the bastard children of the guy that services the septic tank of a passing acquaintance of the lady in question.  But even bastard children can taste great if you glaze them with vanilla infused icing.  Let that be a lesson to you all on the true meaning of Easter.  Sugar heals all wounds.

There is so much more to link to, but so little time.  As always Trifecta, Seeking Elevation, Karen is Muttering, Bugginword.  I am currently obsessed with Crack You Whip.  The first link is to one of her hilfreakinglarious posts.  Read that shit.  You will probably pee your pants.  You may even die.  Of laughter.  Read everything she had written and then beg her for more.  Seriously.  I can’t because I’m too lazy.  There’s also that matter of showering every day.  It’s eating up my free time, yo.

The Prince of Whales


Mdk:  Vegan Cheese Cake


It Gets Better at BYU


go on… scan it…


A Softer World: 793


And then this piece of fried gold happened because I’m the luckiest person ever


Petite Vanilla Scones






Stuff I Starred Saturday – On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

Is it the twelfth day?  Or the eleventh?  Or the fucking twenty-fourth?  Shit is confusing, yo.  Don’t tie me down with semantics, whatever it is it’s motherfucking nigh.

And because it can’t really be Christmas without The Waitresses or without a flashy, flashy synchronized light show, let’s get this party started.  Motherfucker is coming to town.

Put on yer Santa hat, grab yourself a cup of egg nog & turn on that fake fire folks, it’s Friday Fluff: Christmas Edition

In which I am a Trolldad

UPDATED: Weekly wrap up in the middle of the week

Christmas jerk

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?


Uke-tide Greetings


Week Six

it’s a festivus miracle

Does An Elf Poo In A Toilet?

Taking their Place, Making a Stand

Stuff I Starred Saturday – On The Fourth Day of Christmas

I’m a sucker for a Christmas miracle.  Which, for me, can include a magically perfect evening spent drinking hot chocolate with loved ones and watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas, shining eyes at Twas The Night Before Christmas or checking the NORAD Santa tracker, being touched deeply by hope, the heart-breaking perfection that is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas or a friend who kicks serious ass loving that you get her.

These Brits really rocked the shit out of this and made me smile cry, which really is at the heart of the Christmas miracle.  Gods bless us everyone.  And stuffs.

Honey bees

All The Single Ukers

What the Heck is Shutter Speed?

Woohoo! It’s another edition of Friday Fluff!

More Drama Means More Pageviews, And More Pageviews Means Higher Advertising Rates.

Top ten tracks of 2011

Week Five

The Voice Of God


Trifecta Challenge: To Flirt

Stuff I Starred – On The Second Day Of Christmas

Y’all, I know you’ve seen it.  I saw it myself on Bugginword not too long ago.  But I gots to share it again because it’s just too happy pants and awesomesauce.  On toast, even.  It’s really what we all need right about now and well, it’s the kind of virus we all want under our tree.  Let’s get INFECTED, people.


It might help if I actually added the vid.  This is what exhaustion will do to you.  Exhaustion and toddlers.  Which, I suppose, go hand in hand.  On to the infection.

Week Four

The James Garfield Christmas (And Hanukah) Miracle Returns. Sort of.

It’s Monday. Time for a dose of happy!

Harto & Co. – Pizza!


Times I’ve Been Bullied

The Birds Are Back!

title of the blog post

Welcome To Our New Site Design!

Friday Fluff

Stuff I Starred Saturday – Vote For Pedro. Or Me. Actually Just Me. Please.

So, you know how I got all inspired by Lisa from Seeking Elevation and wrote responses to Trifecta Writing Challenge‘s prompts, summon and betray?  And you know how I won?  And you know how I was all choked up with emotion and grateful for the gift of remembering my love of writing?

Well, Lisa and Trifecta are giving me another gift – the gift of believing in my own shit.  That is not to be confused with believing my own hype.  Because I have no hype.  I would, however, love to have my own hype girl.  That would be balls out rad.  Can I put out a casting call for such a position?  Weird, self deprecating, sorta blogger seeks guurl self-esteem booster.  Must be proficient in clapping and avoiding eye contact, have own tiara and tutu and be prepared to bring da hype and/or raise the roof.

But until I find that special gal, Imma have to hype it up my own self.  If you liked what I wrote, if you like me or if you like cheese(and who doesn’t?  Nazis, that’s who.) you can vote for one of my two posts by clicking that first little link there.  Go on, click it.  You know you want to.  I can’t promise to be your best friend, or your bff(unless you already are and then it’s a blood oath), but I can promise a slightly enlarged sense of worth and an aw shucks with a side of gratitude.

And also?  Take the Trifecta Challenge with me.  I’m all about the self-esteem boosting reciprocity.  I can dish it just as well as I take it.  Better probably.  Doo eet.

Almost Hemingway Award: Cycle 1

An Autocorrect Moment

Friday Fluff: because there is no Name my art Friday today but also because it’s fun

Uke-a-by Baby

Carrier pigeons

For Joules: Friday Fashion Fix

Hanging Cat Drying Out

Watch about a stupid live tour of my messy office, and hear me tell you a story.

[Quote] Lemon-aid?

Week Three

Stuff I Starred Saturday – Bring It, Texas

I am, more and more often these days, lacking in the words.  Next week I plan to be revived by the Texas sun and warmth.  Although those Texans are probs shaking in their fancy pants boots and their over-sized SUV’s at the idea of weather that dips below 70 degrees.  I say Texas, bring it on.  And bring on the Killer Brownies from Rice Epicurean.  I mean, really.  As if I need another form of carb laden sugar to shove into mah mouth hole.
I also plan to be revived by the wit and warmth of family and friends alike.  I have to say that I feel no need to ever return to Houston for the rest of my life if it weren’t for them.  I have memories, some of them even fond, of the clubs(Therapy and Rich’s and Numbers, oh my), wandering the Galleria and late nights fraught with champagne cavorting in front of the Transco Tower’s Water Wall.  Which all sounds more than exhausting to me now.  All I really want is a good leg rub, a show or two and some good one on one time with the Sweet Lady Internet.  Two outta three ain’t bad.  So says the ‘Loaf and so says I.  Which also kinda sums up how I feel about Texas.  Happy weekend, y’all.

Week Two


It’s like a hoodie. But with fangs.

The Things I Bought That I Love Black Friday Holiday Shopping Guide


I Was Not An Unwanted Adoption

I Am Still Just A Rat In A Cage

Spinning In Circles

If Boobs Could Talk

Stuff I Starred Saturday – Up The Awesome Ante

You know what’s awesome?  These links.  That’s why I starred them.  You can be awesome too, or at least be a little bit closer to awesome by reading them.  And you’re already pretty awesome.  How much awesome can one person contain?  Let’s find out.  Get clicking.

Also?  You can still donate to give a person clean water for 30 years.  Click on the donate button to the right.  Do it and your awesome quotient will most definitely skyrocket.  Plus, saving a life is a pretty badass, superhero kind of thing to do.

Week One

hey you…with the happy face…what gives?

Harto & Co. – Kitchen Conversations: Jessie and the Toy Boys!

Turkey Tetrazzini

Sheldon Conk

New to the shop: Daisies

A Softer World: 740 (Understanding is for terrorists)

Now I’ve done it or WOTD:omnibus

God and Jesus. It’s like when your parents get on Facebook.


Stuff I Starred Saturday – Wanted: More Awesome

So either this week was a little light on the awesome, depression has stunted my ability to appreciate the wonder in blogland or my Google reader is broken and I missed out on a bunch of posts.  Don’t get me wrong, there was awesome to be had.  But I wasn’t having it, dispensing it or recognizing it.

So what I really need from y’all is the stuff YOU starred this week.  I need a little burst of rad in the midst of the gray and rainys.  Let’s squash this depressiodemic before it finishes sweeping the nation by stepping up the awesome, y’all.  Halloween deserves some epic.  I’ll do it if you do it.  Let’s dooo it.

Adventures in Depression

A Softer World: 733 (evil has its pleasures too)

Carrot-Thyme Soup with Cream


WOTD: anoesis

Beer + Hidden Cameras + 100s Of Bikers = Marketing Genius

in other words…

My Chunk of Change

Mr. Burns Is The 1% – eeeeexcellent

Stuff I Starred Saturday – The Man Who Cried Rapture

Alrighty then, Mr. Rapture Dude.  What exactly was the hang-up with this edition?  Miscalculations, oxy abuse, being absolutely batshit bonkers psycho insane?  Synch up your calendar with the Mayans, would you please?  There are only so many more times we can ride this crazy train before the entertainment value wears thin.  Or the converse is true, which leads to countless hours of mocking and hilarity at the expense of zealots.  Which is really the true meaning of escaping the Rapture, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s been awhile since I showed the stuff I starred.  Too long of a while because I likes to pimp out the good shit.  But I’ve been too lazy depressed self-absorbed tired and down in the dumpers to get it together to do much else than tread the gray and rainy waters.  And I’m not sure I’m back.  But I’m here and I’m roundhouse kicking depression in the sack on the daily.  Hopefully I’m Chuck Norris in this scenario.  We all know my odds of survival if the reverse is true.  After all, there is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.  The following blog posts were allowed to live by Chuck Norris.  Or at the very least by a Chuck Norris approved allower.

BB2G World Tour: Keep the Change

I Am #2

 Why Starting A Blog Is A Bad Idea

Halloween Costume Series: Drug Addict

Almost There – Gratitude Project

Flash Fiction: The Monster In My Closet

brite wisdom for the littles.


Christopher Walken and Zombies, Obviously