Blogging Gratefully – The Doctor Is In(My Soul)

Writing every day this month with NaBloPoMo and getting grateful with the lovely BecominNeurotic

Joules can’t come to the blog right now.  She’s out living her life.  Which means she’s running around town with this girl and that girl and that girl’s baby.  It also means she’s hanging out with this guy for his 50th anniversary.

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I’m grateful for the Doctor in all his incarnations, but most especially for Ten.  If you watched the episode  Last Of  The Time Lords and didn’t raise the Doctor from his cage by thinking DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR along with the rest of humanity, you have no soul.  And then he hugs the Master and forgives him.  Time lording Jesus/Ghandi/Mother Theresa, yo.  Plus, style.  Also, Chucks.  In addition, zany humor.  Furthermore, hair.  In order viagra cialis conclusion, awesome.

One of the greatest things about loving Doctor Who, about loving any sort of geekery, is the passionate, creative, amazeballs joy you get to share with others with the same love.  I’m super dee duper grateful for like-minded Whovians everywhere, but most especially the ones sitting next to me on the couch.  Allons-y, y’all.

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