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Writing every day this month with NaBloPoMo and getting grateful with the lovely BecominNeurotic

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It’s possible that I may be in the middle of a nervous breakdown or a mid-life crisis.  I plan to live until at least 94, which is exactly 50 years from yesterday so, totes feasible.  It’s clearly more likely, and more exceedingly humdrum and bourgeois, that I’m just continuing on my eternal struggle with the old dirty bastard, Big D.  Fuck that guy, bee tee dubbers.  Whatever the reason, shit has been rough, yo.  The emotional and mental ick has manifested itself physically over the past few days, rendering me basically useless.  Hormone related migraine with a side of vertigo made it difficult to parent adequately or even walk upright in a straight line.  Five things have made my life easier/better/more livable and I am filled with gratitude for each of those.

h & v (2)Hope & Veronica.  I mean.

  1. Working Class Acupuncture – Community acupuncture is new to me, but I’m totally sold.  You sit in a recliner in a room where buy viagra now other peeps are also sitting in recliners, relaxing, sleeping, maybe even snoring.  All with skinny little needles stuck all over their bodies.  Healing needles, not like drug addicts nodding off in an abandoned building needles.  There are sound machines and soothing music playing and sunlight filters through gauzy curtains.  You sit until you feel you’re done.  All for $15-35.  You choose what to pay.  They want you to pay less if it means you can come more often.  I’m going again tomorrow to banish this vertigo before my homegirl lands in Ptown for fun and adventure.  Community acupuncture is saving the visit.  Community acupuncture could save the world.  Probably.
  2. Hope – Is dope.  And I really, really mean that.  I’ve known her since she was a chubby faced little cherub that grew into a lanky, bossy pre-teen who took an entire afternoon to nibble her way around one Reese’s cup to a up for anything, yet naive twenty-something who survived a whirlwind that nearly took us all out to the gorgeous goofball we all know and love today. She’s kind and funny and weird and won’t eat broccoli.  If you know her, you love her.  There’s really no other choice.  She’s loyal and always up for adventure, unless it involves doing what you think she should do because, hello, stubborn.  She’s independent,         but hates to be alone for extended periods of time.  She’s a kickass mother, fun and loving and always willing to sacrifice her time.  She took my kid overnight last night because I wasn’t feeling well.  She’s taking my kid if I die.  That pretty much sums it up.  I told you, dope.
  3. Veronica – Oh, this girl.  I’ve known her through all the stages too.  Which seems obvious if you know she’s Hope’s younger sister.  Her little face and her little voice and they way she’d look up at you from under those little bangs like she knew it all, like she was gonna be big one day and you’d better watch out.  While she technically had a teenage pregnancy(19, but solidly out of high school and with a long time bf), she has always been responsible and a worker bee.  She’s a healer by trade, but also through her compassion and the way that she really listens.  Unless she’s playing Candy Crush.  You could be on fire then and she would never know it.  She’s fun and charming and truly always up for anything.  She’ll humor you and make you think she agrees or is going along, but she’ll do what she needs to do.  In a loving and non-bitchy way and you won’t even be mad at her.  Unless she skips out on girls night AGAIN for some dumb boy.  She’s kind and a wonderful mom and I’d totally give my kid to her too.  Which I kinda am since she and Hope are likethis.  And the girl is smokin.  Boys be trippin’ for not getting up on that, yo.
  4. Dani – I already talked about Dani, but if I don’t mention her again here it will give her mushy, Piscean heart the sads.  Plus, she picked up my kid from school today AND brought me a Thanksgiving wreath.  She’s kinda my life partner.  Without benefits.
  5. Thursday night teevee – Grey’s, Parenthood and even Scandal.  But don’t get me started on Scandal.  Who does this Fitz think he is?  If he wants to be the president, he should shut his whiny, lovesick cakehole and get to presiding.  Preside, motherfucker.  Olivia Pope will still be there in four more years.  Unless you have brought down our country with your lack of attention on every single aspect of governing.  Hand the reins over to Mellie and Cy.  Now that’s a presidential duo I can get behind.  Those two are looking out for America.  They aren’t letting some hormones and five minutes in the Oval Office stand in the way of their agenda.  See why I’m thankful?  Gets the blood flowing.

What you got, y’all?

2 thoughts on “Blogging Gratefully – Fiver

  1. I’ve been told often that acupuncture is really great for chronic illness. I will have to look into whether there are any set-ups like that in my neck of the woods.
    Great friends are the best. Friends that are family are even better.
    Prepare yourself for many hugs this weekend!

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