Blogging Gratefully – Learning To Fly

 Writing every day this month with NaBloPoMo and getting grateful with the lovely BecominNeurotic

Today is an off day.  Actually, so was yesterday.  Maybe it’s coming back to reality from a momentary break at the coast for girls weekend.  Maybe it these damn gray and rainys that we’ve settled decidedly into here in the gloomy PNW.  Maybe it’s the bubbling goo of fucked up chemicals swirling through my gray matter.  The reason doesn’t really mean much, but I’m finding it difficult to fight the good fight today.

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This round in the ring with the mighty fucker Depression I’m still feeling the gratitude.  In fact, I’m bowled over by it, consumed by it, overwhelmed with it.  Which is a major departure from previous bouts.  And is far better than the flip side.  But I’m having a hard time pinning things down, focusing, maintaining an even strain.  So, my grateful today is another awesomeness of my kid.

His favorite song right now is Blackbird by the Beatles.  He loves it because he wishes he could be a bird and fly even with broken wings.  Which is a pretty dope thing for a four and a half year old to say.  I know that Sir Paul meant the song as symbolism for the increasing racial tension and struggle of Black people fighting for equality and civil rights during the craziness of the late 60′s.  But to me the song has always been about taking your cialis canada pharmacy pain and transforming it in a way that changes you, makes you inherently different from having experienced it, but allows you to survive and move forward.  Which is, I suppose, exactly what he was trying to say.

I’m grateful for my crazy little kiddo, grateful for the greatness of the Beatles and grateful that we share a love for this song and for the desire to transcend whatever it is that’s trying to break our wings.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Gratefully – Learning To Fly

  1. First- I really hope I get to see you this weekend cuz I need to hug you HUGE.
    Second- Your words inspired me to face feelings I’d been trying to pretend didn’t exist. I wrote my truth today because of you.
    Third- I love you more than words and am so incredibly lucky to call you my friend. Your kiddo? He’s amazeballs and so damn smart. You done good, mama.

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