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Writing every day this month with NaBloPoMo and getting grateful with the lovely BecominNeurotic.  

photo 2

This is what we in the biznass call a bestie.  You can tell by:

  1. The 30+ years of friendship.  Since her 10th birthday party.  Which, now that I’m thinking clearly, was only 20 years ago.  Look at that woman.  Not a day over 30, I tell ya.
  2. The fact that her entire family in my group of friends(except for Justin, you have to watch out for that guy.  Doesn’t even know how old he is).  Weekly girls night consists of her, me and two of her sisters.  The other one’s a liar although we used to be friends, a long time ago.
  3. The three different states I’ve lived in with, or near, her.  That I’ve been in two of her weddings, held both of her babies and watched them turn into almost double digits and almost an adult.  That I’ve held three of her siblings as babies and now count them among my best friends.
  4. The shorthand, practically second language of shared history and memories.  Yoy.  Darren Austin as an elf.  Let’s drive to Vegas.  Cajun.  The Max.  The Molly.  Create it.  Plastic containers.  Remember the time…?  The thing she said…?  The place near the thing where we went that time?  I don’t have any history that she doesn’t either know about or share.
  5. The duties she performs – cheerleader, moral supporter, giver of advice, shoulder to lean or cry on, listener, life witnesser, auntie to my kid and occasional babysitter, companion, tv show compatriot, poolside shade sitting partner, back-haver.  To name a few.
  6. Even with all the history, and knowing each others in and outs, we still like to kick it on the regular and never lack for conversational topics.
  7. That she will leave work early and spend the evening loving up on my anxiety filled kid who misses me while I’m away relaxing at girls weekend.

auntie dani and rilo

There isn’t canada viagra no prescription enough gratitude in the world for all this and so much more.  I may be the wind, but you’re the wings.  xoxo

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