Blogging Gratefully: #onedayimgonna

As a volunteer for Band Back Together, I had the distinct privilege to get to know and work with some serious badasses full of honesty, compassion, wisdom and humor.  One of those people was Misty.  Although I didn’t get to know her well, I basked in the sunshine of her cheery demeanor through the group emails, through some awesomely positive personal exchanges and through her blog.  Misty was also a venerable Trifectan and an eternal optimist.  She went by the handle MrsOneDay because one day she was gonna…do ALL THE THINGS.  And I know she would have.  She died last year unexpectedly, although she had been living in chronic pain with CRPS for some time.

I’m grateful that I got to know her, even as peripherally as I did because she was one of those people, shot right through with the kind of sincere kindness and true goodness that affects everyone around them.  I’m also grateful for her soul sister, and my inspiration for this journey of gratitude, BecominNeurotic.  Tia is another of those truly good people who show you the real meaning of dedication, compassion and survival.

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In fact, I’m grateful for the Band today because it helped so many people let out all their darkest and deepest and shone a light in all those murky corners so that shame and stigma couldn’t hide there any more.  And I’m even more grateful for the real, live people it brought into my life.  Lisa, Shevaun, Tia, Cindy, Teala and soon to be Dawnie.  As well as all those who still exist inside my computer, in one form of social media or another.  Karen, Chibi, Tracie, Jenn, Crystal, Leah, Erin and Tooker.  Even if we’re just silent Pin(terest) twins, it’s nice to know we’re still viagra usa pharmacy connected.

Tia put out a call to honor Misty by naming our own One Day I’m Gonna’s and then go out and do them.  You never know when is too late.  Say that thing you’ve been wanting to say, jump that hurdle that’s been standing in your way, tell the people you love exactly how you feel and do it often and with feeling.  I’m honoring Misty today and thanking her for the reminder that every day presents us with new possibility.


Hey Misty, one day I’m gonna…

See the sun again. (Hey, it’s today!)

Eat crepes and doughnuts in Maui.

Write a book.

Return to New York.  And then escape from it.

Eat pasta all day.  In Italy.

Find my passion.  Or fulfill it, anyway.

Master the bokeh.

Be an athlete.  Or at least work out like one.

Inspire acts of kindness, both small and large.

Learn to snap my fingers.

Spend time on each continent.

Hang out with Lisa on at least one more continent.

Bring sexy back.

Meet Sa.

Learn makeup from a pro.

Travel the globe with my kid.

Eat channa roti again.

See Madonna live.

Win the lottery.

Believe I can fly.  Metaphorically.  I guess.

What are YOU gonna?

NaBloPoMo, keeping me real, each day in November.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Gratefully: #onedayimgonna

  1. This made me cry the big ugly cry. Your words of kindness and love touched my heart in a way I can’t describe. Thank you for being you and for being a part of my life. Thank you for loving Misty and keeping her spirit alive. Love you huge.

    P.S. You owe me a box of tissues.

  2. It’s been way too long since I’ve been over to your blog. I’m sorry about that! I’m very grateful for the Band, too, and all the connections I’ve made because of it. What a wonderful thing!

    And this post? is beautiful. I still have Misty as a friend on Facebook and every time I see her name pop up when I search for M-something, I am both sad and happy. She was an awesome lady to know and it’s so sad we lost her.

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