Blogging Gratefully: Gratitude Photo Challenge – Days 11-20

Positively Present Photo Challenge

i need to consolidate my payday loans

I’m linking up again with NaBloPoMo and BecominNeurotic to shine a big old spotlight on inspiration and gratitude for the month of November(atleast).  Today I’m feeling pretty damn grateful to be living in this time.  I’m grateful for my iPhone which is a book/camera/calendar/schedule/entertainer/educator/reminder-er/alarm clock/notebook/forecaster/dj/directions-giver/list keeper/checkbook/video camera/social connector.  And a phone.  People are all like, iPhones are for old peeps and Androids are for uncool idiots.  I say, you’re holding a fucking computer in your goddamn hand in the streets of Mumbai or on a motherfucking boat, y’all.  Be grateful and call it good.

I’m grateful for all my forms of technology.  For my computer and DSLR(that I never use, right hub?), for my Kindle and the new DVR that we’re on the waiting list for.  For the shiny, happy fun time book Return-O-Mat at the library.  For self-checkouts lines when you only have three items and the old lady’s paying with a check and three hundred unwrapped pennies.  For rapid chargers and color printers and 3D TV’s.  Could we do without all these whozibobs and whatsigiggers?  Clearly, but life would surely be a bit more difficult and lot less fun.

My lovely friend Crystal, sent this challenge from Positively Present to me because she gets me.  Like a two years ago.  SMH(nod to my girl, Draug)  I did the first third and then I’m assuming Fall ganged up with Depression and Science to eliminate viagra uit india me from the playing field.  Here is the second third with some 2013 photos.  Maybe you’ll see the final third in 2015.  Or maybe not.

Day 11:  Something Old

 Mendenhall Glacier, outside of Juneau, Alaska is only old if you consider 3,000 years old, old.  Which I do.  That lovely ultramarine blue ice has been chilling on those rocks since before Jesus was…well, Jesus.  I was hoping to get to walk on the ice itself, but we couldn’t even get close enough to throw a rock at it.  Not that I would done something  so absurd even if I had the chance.  It was pretty magical, even from a distance.

Day 12:  Hands

Yeah, he’s coloring on my hand.  What?

Screenshot (15)

Day 13:  Written Words

I just finished Will Grayson last night and this?  This is it.

photo 2Day 14:  Movement

A pirate’s life at the Fall Festival.

photo 4Day 15:  Technology

Coolest library ever.

photo 5Day 16:  Animals

Newt Day.  #NotANewt

photo 3Day 17:  Memories

Trailblazers: some score, Mom: winner

photo 1Day 18:  Something New

Warm slippies for mah froze toes.

photo 2

Day 19:  Best Friend

Isn’t she lovely?

photoDay 20:  Seasonal

I bless the rains down in Beaverton.


One thought on “Blogging Gratefully: Gratitude Photo Challenge – Days 11-20

  1. That glacier shot is amazing. AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska.

    Your kid is cute. He makes me smile.

    Love the slippers…and the boots on the stairs.

    These really are happy pictures. Love you!

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