A Week In My Life 2013 – Day Siete

Adventuroo WIML sun 13

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This is my third year participating in a Week In My Life, hosted by the lovely Mel at Adventuroo.  Mel spends most of her time these days over at Momcomm, dispensing sage advice about living, loving and working in Blogland.  You really should check it out if you want to make internet friends and influence internet people.

This is the final day of this week in my life.  I’m glad I made myself do it, even though it was a struggle with this monkey in my brain, gumming up the works.  I don’t scrapbook or journal and I want my kid to see what life was like for us between the big moments.  I’m hoping that when this event rolls back around next year, I’ll be more chipper and chatty and capable of describing the progress of our daily routines in words both witty and touching.  But it falls in autumn, when the light goes screwy and Depression kicks the ass of most everyone in town so chances are it will be crappy cellie pics and minimal wordage.  Which is okay, I suppose, because life isn’t just Big Moments, celebrations and holidays.  It’s all the moments; big and small, exciting and boring, celebratory and somber.  Just an unaltered, true slice of a week in my life.

Some random things about our lives right now.

  • The kid calls me Mrs. Kisses like, all the time
  • We know what the fox says at this house and we’ll happily inform you
  • Bubs loves – TMNT, the movie 9, Bone Soup, What Does The Fox Say and marimba music, spaghetti with butter and cheese, Wild Kratts, chocolate cake and ice cream, Legos, The Flash, inventing, discount viagra without prescription shield bugs and You Are My Sunshine
  • I love – bologna pita sandwiches with onions, spinach and Trader Joe’s Hot and Sweet Mustard, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Salted Caramels, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore, Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes, sweatpants, Pinterest, my Kindle and Veronica Mars at girls night


Sunday -

photo 1

The husband let me sleep until 1.  A rare luxury to be able to indulge Depression.

photo 2

Zuzu, the world’s most spoiled cat.  Only drinks from a running faucet.

photo 3


photo 4

Pardon me, you’re stepping on my eyeball.

photo 5

A motley crew of muffin makers and sparkle bat crafters.

photo 1

He’s damn cute even if he only does speak Whinese.

photo 2

Glory, glory hallelujah.  Or some such shit.

photo 3

Family movie night.  Billy & Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen

photo 1

The whole damn fam.

Screenshot (11)

More judginess.



photo 2




5 thoughts on “A Week In My Life 2013 – Day Siete

  1. Just a couple of things…

    1. Excuse me while I punch that monkey in the face!
    2.That building tower? As you would say is amazeballs!
    3.I am in love with Daryl Dixon
    4. But not as much as I am in love with all this blogging you’ve been doing!


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