For One More Day

Hang in There, Baby Art Print

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poster by Gemma Correll

Those of you who have stuck around through the radio silence, the excessive YouTube vids and sporadic irrational rants may remember that my amazeballs Hillsboro Argus editor, George, asked me to contribute to his annual project, Voices of August, last year.

During the final summer month, George hosts a smorgasbord of writers, a different guest poster, with a different topic every day.  He has featured a wide variety of peeps, from his equally amazeballs, and admirably zen, wife Lori; to Jennifer Brennock, who sent me into orbit with her trippy, lyrical viagra australia no prescription prose;  to Isolde Raftery, who piece clicked audibly into place in my mind, connecting us through shared experience or mindset or some other such inexplicable phenomena.  I’ve enjoyed every voice and looked forward to what new and enticing flavor awaited  me each morning.

Despite the hemming and hawing aspect of my ability to remember, and keep up with, deadlines, George asked me to participate again this year.  I was all, hell yeah.  And then, oh shit.  Because:

  1. Summer has been sitting on my neck causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem.
  2. Depression decided to get in on the deal.
  3. The aforementioned deadline issue.
  4. I am what they in the business call, lazy as fuck.

But he asked and I managed to get it in just under the wire, as per the ushe(see numbers 2 and 4).  And all this, that and the other thing is just to tell you to GO HERE  if you want to read my stuff and nonsense.

4 thoughts on “For One More Day

  1. I love it when you write.

    You are more brave, special, and strong than you might know. But I know it . Even from all the way on the other side of the country through a computer screen, I know.


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