Dance Interlude – Icona Pop

Spring in Ptown = the 9th circle of hell.  Or is it the 7th?  I never can keep them straight.  Gray skies and rain and migraines, oh my.  Somebody get me on a Greyhound outta here.  Maybe down the Hudson River line.  Maybe down the road to Hana.  But I’ll even take Cincinnati, if the sun is shining there.

I’ve been promised sunshine this week and if I don’t get it somebody’s gonna pay.  Most likely my husband who has the misfortune of being married to a sufferer of the lack of cheap viagra canadian pharmacy sun related DT’s.

In lieu of the ‘shine, I turn the volume to eleven and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

I don’t care.  I love it.

3 thoughts on “Dance Interlude – Icona Pop

  1. I WANNA DANCE. I too am more than ready for some sunshine and warm weather. My allergies cannot take another cool down warm up cool down pattern. It’s hard to leave the house when you can’t stop sneezing all over yourself, and everyone else.

    Thanks for the dance interlude. You always post awesome songs I’ve forgotten about but love.

  2. What were we just saying about how being an adult blows? This makes me want to go frotterize 20 year old boys, but because I’m old, I’ll settle for just some sunshine.

    40-something days, yo.

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