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Top Ten Tuesday has a new hostess with the mostess, Angie from Many Little Blessings.  Link ‘em if you got ‘em and check out the other fanfreakingtastic lists while you’re at it.  Let’s cheapest viagra canada get started.

One of my badass Band ladies, Carol Anne, commented that she’d like to hear about the YouTube series I subscribe to which I had referenced in another post about my love for and disgust with teevee.  Which made my geeky heart go pitter patter because zomgswtfbbq I can return to my TTT roots and get all list-y.  Let’s get it on.

10.  WIGS - Christine –  WIGS is a YouTube channel that offers scripted programming with women leads.  There are quite a few ongoing series as well as some short films.  They feature some kickass actors – Maury Tierney, Jena Malone, Rosanna Arquette.  Christine hooked me.  It stars America Ferrera who’s, duh, awesome.  It follows her experiences speed dating and is really well done and often thought provoking.

Check it out.  It’s commercial free, quality entertainment that doesn’t require a big time commitment.

9.  Save the Supers –  This show is ridiculously silly.  It’s also subversive and awesome.  And written by Guildie Sandeep Parikh (swoon).  It’s about a group of off brand superheroes struggling to make a living in this down economy.  Expect brightly colored spandex, riffs on cheesy stereotypes and comedy gold, baby.

8.  The Nerdist -  Nerdist Channel is home to a bevy of super rad nerd bait such as Awkward Family Photos, Ain’t it Cool, Talking Dead BONUS! and my favorite, The Nerdist which is a nerdgasmic talk show featuring other nerds, things nerds love and nerd related issues and or products and entertainment.  Chris Hardwick is like, the cutest skinny nerd ever in his suit and with his awesome powers of sarcastic humor, geeking out over nerd stuff and being smart and well spoken and shit.  You can watch entire episodes of The Nerdist on the BBC America channel, but you can get all kinds of silly goodness right there on your YouTuber any hour of the day or night.

7.  Fresh Hell -  Brent Spiner plays a version of himself in a world where he done someone wrong  on an apocalyptic (to his career) level.  We never find out what exactly he did to raise the ire of the entire nation, but it must have been bad because he is almost universally loathed.  He pairs up with a wannabe porn star to revamp his image and revive his career.

It’s weird and it’s funny and it had potential to grow into something even more of those things.  The second season was far better scripted and produced than the first so I have great hopes for the next one.  I love me some Star Trek and I love me some Data so having Spiner back on the scene is pretty cool for this geek girl.

6. Words With Girls –  These lesbians be funny.  I have rainbow Harted Hannah for quite some time and am feeling the same sparkly love for the creator of this silly little show, Brittani Nichols.  It’s another show about nothing and everything.  They talk about everything from hair to racism, slap a big, ole comedy bow on it and call it good.  And it is.  I hope another season is ordered.

5.  California On –  This crazy dude interviews Californians on rando topics in a not so veiled attempt to capitalize on the 15 minutes of fame impulse and see some ( . )( . ).  It’s NSFW, but neither is this fucking blog.  It’s also pretty freaking amusing.

4.  Tabletop – So three of my top four are from Geek & Sundry which is an entire channel filled to the brim with indie geek related wonder.  The channel was created by the brilliant and luminous elven goddess of the geeks, Felicia Day.  Pretty any much found on this channel is solid gold and that fly lady can do no wrong in my eyes(she was on Buffy, Supernatural, Dr. Horrible, Eureka and The Guild for sweet lady internet’s sake).

Tabletop is hosted by the equally fly Wil Wheaton of King of the Internet fame.  He plays tabletop games with his geeky celeb friends.  Sound hella boring?  It somehow is really not, even to non-gamers like me.  WW is funny and relatable and so are his guest.  It’s interesting to see the games played and brings the focus off of the screen and onto the camaraderie and good, old-fashioned fun.  It’s a bit like Wild Kingdom, as you get to observe nerds in their natural habitat relating to others of their kind.

3.  The Flog –  Another show on Geek & Sundry, this one belongs to the winsome Ms. Day.  It’s a video blog where she recommends geekish things or does something random, sometimes with other celebrities.  She’s cuter than a bug’s ass and a charming little bundle of ADHD.  J’aime.

2.  My Drunk Kitchen –  If you haven’t seen Hannah Hart’s drunk cooking, I don’t know who you are.  HH is HIGHlarious and totally whimsical.  She reminds me of Ellen and not because she’s a lesbian.  Ok, ok, not ONLY because of that.  She shares the same zany humor that stays away from making fun of anyone.  Other than herself.  Obvi.  Subscribe now, you will not regret it.

1.  The Guild –  I cannot truly explain my deep and abiding adoration for every one of  the Knights of Good.  Somehow I didn’t know about this show until seasons 1-4 were available on Netflix.  Obviously I watched them all in an evening.  Which is not as difficult to accomplish with webisodes as they are typically less than 10 minutes per.  I fell hard for this show, as did the rest of the geek/nerd population of the internet (read: the internet).

It’s a scripted show about a group of online gamers that surrender their actual existences over to the game.  They meet by happenstance and form an awkward, socially inept group IRL as well as in the game.  It depicts the diversity found in gamers today and shows that not every gamer spends his life sucking down Mountain Dew in his mama’s basement while exceeding the bandwidth of his pirated internet host through 23 hours a day of WOW.  It’s also wacky and wicked funny.  Watch this shit.  Subscribe.  Give Felicia Day all your dolla bills.  Who run the world?  That girl.  Or she’s gonna, anyway.

That’s my list.  I got ten minute chunks of time to burn, what you got?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten {Tuesday} – Mighty Fine YouTube Shows

  1. I love My Drunk Kitchen. I also use YouTube to watch “8 out of 10 Cats” and “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”, both amazingly funny and cheeky shows. Plus David Tennant hosted Never Mind once, and so did Richard Ayoade (from IT crowd). They’re generally posted by various people though so you just have to search the show title.

  2. NSFW = not suited for women?
    I think it should be rated NSFWUYLST. (not suited for women unless you like seeing tits). Too long? Oh well. They could stamp it on just about every HBO show out there right now. Game of Thrones? How about game of completely naked women and only half or barely half naked men.

    1. Haha, not safe for work. But I like your version better.

      And the men are only half naked because who really wants to see the rest?

    1. And most of them are under ten minutes, which is the perfect increment for insomnia viewing. Which is my preferred type of YouTube viewing.

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