Dance Interlude – Wannabe

This is the kind of day(life?) it is, y’all.  A gray and rainy because, hello, Portland.  A viagra buy now day when communication seems fucked by the stars.  Poor Mercury, no one gives you the time of day until you go all retrograde.  A day when that pain in your left arm takes up all the space in yer brainpan until you realize that you worked out yesterday.  A day when you are of a “certain age”(read: old as fuck) when left arm pains are of legitimate concern.   A day when the words fierce and ferosh need to be pulled out of the Closet of Lame to force your tired bones to RALLY.

They may be neither fierce nor ferosh, but they are fanfuckingfun and it’s hard to be all Grumpy Cat when you’re dancing around in your underwear singing about what you really, really want.  All you music purists can SUCK IT.  Sometimes you just really need to zigazigAH.  And,as I learned last night from attending the bestie’s 32nd anniversary of her 10th bday, friendship really never does end.

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