The Walking Who?

So I watched Emma Caulfield‘s Grab Bag on YouTube a while back (you should subscribe, she’s balls out and she used to take balls out for a living(Anya.  From Buffy.  You know, revenge demon gone gooey for Xander.))  The prompt she grabbed was to take the Which Walking Dead Character Are You quiz.  Clearly I am obsessed with all things TWD so I popped on over to find out drug viagra my true nature.

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Now, I didn’t really have a character in mind because I don’t fancy myself having much similarity to anyone in that crew.  Why would I want to be Daryl, when I could be WITH Daryl?   Amirite?  I was really only certain that I would not want to be Andrea because Andrea is the Kate of TWD.  Kate from Lost?  Oh, have I Lost you with my trip down the geekhole?  Kate was the single most annoying character on Lost.  Yet, oh so sexy and therefore worthy of redemption.  With the straight dudes and their hard-ons, at least.  Kate fancied herself a badass and always insisted upon being a part of every mission, which she then promptly fucked right up.  Andrea is that for the Rick and the gang.


So clearly, not Andrea.  But Shane?  Really?  Shane made me mental when I first watched the show.  And up until (SPOILER ALERT) Rick shot him dead.  Then he zombied out requiring Carl to then shoot him eternally dead.  Which was actually pretty badass.  But Shane?  No.  Uh uh.  No way.

The Walking Dead takes part in the cable teevee phenomenon of seasons split down the middle with a several month hiatus (*cough, bullshit, cough*).  So I decided to watch the entire run over again whilst awaiting the mid-season premiere.  Which turned out to be a kickass idea as I picked up on a lot of stuff I had either forgotten or missed on the first go round.

Like Shane really isn’t that bad.  Like his motivation was Lori and Carl.  He did just about everything to make sure they were safe and that he was still around to protect them.  I can get behind that sort of behavior in a crisis situation and nothing says crisis like a horde of blood thirsty zombies gnawing on human remains.  I believe that starting at home is where it’s at.  It goes hand in hand with the whole put yer own airplane mask thingamabob first so you have the air in your lungs and the blood moving in your veins necessary to take the steps to save someone else.  In other words, you can’t help anyone until you help yourself.

So I guess I’ll take Shane, but hopefully I won’t go out like him.  If I do, I hope Carl’s got a round in the chamber.


Strong, but bullheaded, you lack foresight, and have a quick temper.  Though you can lead when pressed, your inability to see the big picture makes you better as a follower.  A passionate defender of the weaker members of the group, you sometimes let your anger get the better of you when protecting them.  Like a loaded gun, you can keep the peace or shatter it.

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