One Word: Kindness

All over the internets, there’a a  movement to focus intent on one word each new year instead of a mess of resolutions that end up wadded up in a ball and stuffed under the bed by next samples of viagra Tuesday.  (C U then)  I have resolutions, but they’re really just ongoing shit that I re-focus on this time of year.  Health, wealth and going out in a blaze of glory.  You know, the ushe.

And because every single person on the internet eschews (read: takes a giant dump on) the idea of resolutions, I’m not going to throw up my list here.  It’s pretty much the same as last year if you’re super interested in that sort of thing.  I just wanted to be clear, I do not hold the same outlook on resolutions and I do continue to make them.

A bunch of my friends(Tracie, Tia, Melinda) have chosen their one words and I’m grasping on to their ultra fashionable coattails.  Because I love them, because I want to and because I think it can change the world.


Kindness is my word.  Apparently, it’s the new black.  So, not only am I focusing my intent and bringing about world peace by randomly enacting kindness, but I am looking chic and slender while doing it.  It’s called multitasking, people. And I am owning it.

Whether it’s #26acts, RAOK’s or plain old love for your brother,  I believe in the kindness movement.  This applies to whiny children, whinier spouses, old ladies who pay with coupons, spare change AND a check.  Even street mimes.  Even yourself.  Maybe even especially yourself.  Charity starts at home, yo.

Love each other, y’all.  And love yourselves.  And let’s spread kindness like a virus all over this mean, old world.



  1. Kindness.

    I love it. The world needs more kindness.

    You are awesome.

  2. You are full of the awesome and I love you hard!

  3. Kindness is a great word.

    Epiphany is my word for 2013. I’m excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.

  4. I’m working on it!!

  5. Kindness is a great word.

    I couldn’t choose just one, but I love the idea of choosing just one on which to focus.

    I hope 2013 is filled with Kindness for you and everyone. <3

  6. Missing you. Stopping by for a visit.


  7. I love this more than I can say. You will rock kindness and the world will be a better place for it. Because you are full of the awesome.

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