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This post is a response to the weekly writing challenge from Trifecta.  Not only is this a challenge, it’s a competition.  One that comes with the rewards of triumph, increased fill viagra perscription feelings of self satisfaction and having your wondrous words featured on Trifecta.  Join in and be judged, you know you have the words to kick some literary bootay.

This weekend’s challenge:  core, mantle and crust

Crack through the crusty crisp.  So clever, so frail.  The middle of nowhere lies between very far away and just next door.  Spotlight on the light, the one you could not leave behind.


  1. I’m glad one of us is able to write still. xx

  2. “The middle of nowhere lies between very far away and just next door.” What a very true line (:

  3. This is really good! There’s alot of truth in your words.

  4. I love the image of a light you couldn’t leave behind, a true love that comes with a lot of strings.

  5. I love the line, “the one you could not leave behind”. What a poignant thought.

  6. Instead of saying “dude, it’s complicated”, you wrote gorgeous words telling me why. Everything worked. well done.

  7. so clever, so frail

    these are great descriptors. Thanks, Joules!

  8. Oh so pretty. Very Very nicely written! :D

  9. Nice work! I like the middle of nowhere description..hadn’t thought about it, but it’s so true.

  10. This is really beautiful. Thank you for these 33 words.

  11. I love it when the editors play! This is just gorgeous – it’s screaming to be read out loud. I really love the line about the middle of nowhere – I keep coming back to it and running it through my head. I will probably go to sleep thinking about it.

  12. That next-door middle of nowhere. Whew. You nailed it.


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