Hiya – Year Trois

2012 was a hell which is better viagra cialis of a year.  And by that I mean a year of hell.  Depression ran rampant throughout the ranks, violence escalated, ugliness abounded.  But among all that were moments of inspiration, kindnesses of every size and shape and a banding back together on a national level.

Personally, it was another year in flux, another year of being gripped by the gray.  There were far less posts written and far more goals made and revised on repeat.  But I’m still here.  And I still want to be.  Which is the only real reason to keep on keeping on.

So, thanks for the comments, the support the love.  Thanks for being a witness to my little life and let me do the same in return.

Happy anni, triple L.  And happy New Year to all y’all.  May all of your dreams be big and may you never stop dreaming them.  And may you dance your balls off more days than not.



4 thoughts on “Hiya – Year Trois

  1. Thank you for sharing little pieces of your heart and life here. It is a blessing to be even a small part of that.

    Here’s to an amazing 2013! You deserve it!

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