Stuff I Starred Saturday – Welcome To The Wonderful

I haven’t done this is a long time.  Not because there hasn’t been star worthy stuff.  Of course there has.  There is always an infinite amount of cool and wonderful things and people in the world and on the internet.  Which is why we’re all so crazy for Pinterest.

I haven’t been participating much in the internet-y stuff of days gone by.  In fact, I haven’t been participating in much these days.  Except for my nemesis, science.  That wily fuck.  What I have been knee deep and balls to the walls in is El Depresión, that cagey bastard.  He and science have joined forces to take me down.

There’s little things that keep the muck from consuming me completely like a symbiotic Venom-like creature.  Things like unexpected cards from badasses of internet fame and friendship, like Daryl Dixon taking us to the gun show while ganking Walkers with his badass crossbow and surly-redneck-with-the-heart-of-gold thang.  Like a tree covered in mismatched memories or a friend I’ve never met getting some well deserved recognition.

But the big things have been evident this week and I want to say a hallefuckinglujah and respek to all of that.  The internet can harbor some pockets of bile and provide a safe space for mean girls and bullies, but it can also be so kind and remind us of who we really want to be.  And it can take us on a wild and wacky ride through communal magic.  That shit should be participated in to the fullest and celebrated on the regular.  Which is what I want to do with these precious links I lay at your feet.  Welcome to the wonderful.

Coming Into The Light by Empty the Well

James Garfield For Sainthood by the Bloggess

Listed.  Happy.  Trophy-less.  by Moosh in Indy

NOMNOMNOM by #VandalEyes

Where Are Gay Men’s Vaginas? by We Know Awesome

Make This World Mo Betta by, uh, me.  Just read it, it’s a warm fuzzy and a way to give back.

Ellen’s Mom Cloned Herself And Got Married (psych.  warm fuzzies all up in my eye holes and my heart parts)

10 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – Welcome To The Wonderful

  1. I love fun lists of links. They keep me reading wonderful things. That makes me happy.

    You make me happy.

    Sending you all sorts of good thoughts as you find your way away from El Depresión.

  2. Fun list. I’m going to have to check out the links!

    And at some point, we’re going to have to figure out a way to do a proper support so we can get depression to take a walk (or at least be minimally annoying) until the chemical balance swings back around.

    (I vote for you to lead the charge.)

    1. I’ll get right on that just as soon as I can roll myself out of bed in the morning. Or more likely I’ll just forget about it until the next episode rolls around. Damn neurotransmitters.

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