If I Close My Eyes You Can't Really See Me, Right?

I am currently performing an epic feat of self-monitoring by not saying one.single.thing negative about myself right now.  Instead I’ll just say how fiine you are looking today and isn’t the weather just balls and how about them viagra through canada fill-in-the-blanks and my, this year has flown by and can you believe what Lilo has done this time and those make you look like a woodland fairy riding a unicorn with a flowing, silver mane.  Also?  Bacon.


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7 thoughts on “If I Close My Eyes You Can't Really See Me, Right?

  1. oh my gosh! i miss you girl.
    don’t say anything negative because this video let all of us who don’t see you everyday get to see you like we were with you!

  2. You’re so NICE. Same thing I thought when I met you–no way this is the chick who talks all day about handjobs and makes up lewd ways to use innocent emoji.

    You know what’s funny? This video didn’t post to my Reader, so when I first read this, there was no sign of a video being attached. Without the video, your writing kind of sounds like a last-ditch cry for help kind of thing. So I came over here to tell you to imagine I’m the gay guy in Mean Girls, singing “You are beautiful”. But I get it now.

    BTW, way to rock Nano this year. I’m looking at your widget. I think you’ve got me by, like, a thousand words. Next year, we’re making this thing our bitch. (No, we’re probably not.)

  3. Brilliant. And my photos for my passport are signed. #babysteps. And I put them back with my birth certificate, which I need when I file. So now I’ve had a preview of your perfectness.

    Not saying negative things about one’s self is brutally hard, yo. But I’ll betcha as a social worker/psych professional you said that kind of stuff all the time.

    As a patient (years back) my cohorts and I had a phrase we would always say to ourselves after telling someone what they “should” do … “And now I’m going to have to take my own fucking advice.” Actually, come to think of it, it may have only been me who said that. My friends would just laugh. I’m pretty sure I’m having the last laugh, though. WTG, there IS nothing negative to say about this fantastic vid, from my Canadian vantage point.

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