Bird Watching

Hey birdie, birdie!  See that vibrant little guy?  My friend, elisaann, painted that.  And, because she is that awesome, the supafly set director of The Mindy Project snapped it up and slapped it up on the wall of fictional Mindy’s bathroom.  The entire set is covered in rad art, I highly recommend checking it out.

Elisaann had a contest to see who could spot the crimson dude and official canadian pharmacy as the runner up I get a set of her serene landscape postcards!  I have one of them already sitting in my kitchen and it’s like a little window into ahhh.  Now, I was the runner up because someone apparently commented 10 minutes before me, but that was probably because I was doing the Snoopy dance of joy during that time for my friend’s art making it on national television.  But it’s cool, that dance was totally worth it.

(God, I miss Buffy.)

Watch The Mindy Project because Mindy Kaling is a badass, because she supports local artists(Chi-town in the heezy) and because she’s smart enough to know what I’ve known for over a decade – elisaann is a real live artist.  Buy her stuff now while you can still afford it.

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