Participant 180x180 (2)

I’ve got a thousand words that I never spoke

see I broke down codes at an early age

filled the page, filled my ears with rage

sound in my headphones sound like a cyclone

- Northern State

I’m accustomed to failure.  I’m comfortable with it and it actually doesn’t humiliate me or crush me.  A lifetime of dashed dreams and unmet expectations have taught me not to sweat defeat, but to revise your goals instead.  So canadian viagra generic this, the second day of NaNoWriMo, has showed me that I am not:

a.psychologically capable or prepared to write a novel at this point

b.certain I ever want to write a novel

c.really concerned about that fact one way or another

I love to write.  I always have.  Me and 50 million of my closest friends.  I like to write here with a heavy slant toward ironic urban speak, pop culture references and YouTube videos.  I like to write at the Argus, which still allows my flava, but cleaned up nice for civilized folk.  I like to write for Trifecta, for the Band, for Becky‘s frugal living blog, for anyone who will let me.

But I’m not so big on the fiction.  I enjoy consuming it, but creating it…not so much.  The one exception would be description.  I love to find new ways to define something,  to illustrate a single word or emotion with other words.  Description is a beautiful thing and it lends a lot to the atmosphere of a piece of writing, but it’s only one layer.  Novels are like onions.  They make everything taste better and have many layers.

So I’ve revised my goal.  I plan to write 50,00 words this month.  No blog words to be used in this experiment.  50,000 words of fiction, essays, autobiographical material or otherwise toward the goal of finding my true voice.  The one I want to focus my writing on.  And toward the goal of writing for love every day because I can, because I want to and because the NaNo police are only in my mind.



16 thoughts on “Whonowhahuh?

  1. YOU CAN DOOOO IT! And no matter what you get done, we’ll celebrate it. Whether it’s 50,000 words of brilliance, or 50,000 words to help you find your voice. It’s all worth celebrating!

  2. Awesome!!!!!!

    Not me though. Even though I could produce 50,000 incoherent words for a comment in one sitting. I just plan to get through the month, and get a passport application filed.

    I think that’s aiming high enough.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with this month. Go grrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll!

    1. Omg, that made me laugh. You could write that kind of comment. You should start a challenge for writing 50K words of comments in a month.

  3. I’ll quit if you do. Wait. That’s not motivational. WE CAN DO THIS. But, seriously, if you want to quit, I’ll totes quit with you. Because this shit is NOT easy. And we can spend the rest of the month doing more exciting things like. . .uhhhhhhhhhhh. . .http://www.emojidick.com

  4. I signed up for NaNoWriMo once, but never did it. I think I’d have to have an idea of what I’d like to write first!

    I am doing NaBloPoMo (over at doesthisscalemakemelookfat.blogspot.com), which is pretty much all I can commit to!

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