Week in My Life – Saturday

{Mel, over at Adventuroo, is awesome.  Maybe you know her from the weekly Capture the Everyday, or maybe you should.  Either way, she’s awesome.  And she’s taken the Capture the Everyday idea of Memorex-ing the simple moments of just…life in between all the posed shots in front of [insert landmark, cartoon character or piece of nature]  to the next level and challenged us to capture an entire week, day by day.  A Week in My Life.}

This is a great product, I like that it comes in a blister pack and does not need refrigeration. Canadian cialis. Our drugstore is committed to providing an affordable alternative to the high cost of drugs.

Mummy dogs and nutella krispies and pumpkin bob ombs, oh my.

Bubs smash.

Odin’s beard, she’s a lady!

I is princess.  You may admire me.  I is Hulk.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Moar foodstuffs.

Party time.  Excellent.

Less excellent.

Song of the day inspired by an overly sugared temperamental toddler.

Guess what?  This is not a typical human reaction to hunger.

- Noel from Felicity to Richard who was BBQing in his dorm room

Line of the day.

4 thoughts on “Week in My Life – Saturday

  1. heh. that is the typical reaction to sugar high + hunger at my house, as much for the 9 year old as for the 5 year old and all points in between. If only my husband would learn to feed the zoo pets.

  2. The post-party meltdown. We had one of those at my house yesterday. Not much fun.

    But all the time before looks like a blast!

    You are rocking that costume, lady.

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