Week in My Life – Friday

{Mel, over at Adventuroo, is awesome.  Maybe you know her from the weekly Capture the Everyday, or maybe you should.  Either way, she’s awesome.  And she’s taken the Capture the Everyday idea of Memorex-ing the simple moments of just…life in between all the posed shots in front of [insert landmark, cartoon character or piece of nature]  to the next level and challenged us to capture an entire week, day by day.  A Week in My Life.}

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Little cheeser.

Kid came home from school zipping his own coat.  I <3 Montessori.  Also, my baby is no longer a baby.  Hold me.


Pumpkin.  Face and cake bob ombs.

Hausfrau and dye job.  For Hulk tights, that is.


Song of the day.

8 thoughts on “Week in My Life – Friday

  1. ZOMG, we have the same laundry basket.

    Also, more fucking baked goods? What are you, a Keebler Elf? When the hell do you have time to bake? Who the fuck bakes? (Send me some.)

    1. I apologize for the lateness of this comment. I blame science. And depression. I would be happy to supply you and your entire family with baked goods if I can skim a few pieces off the top.
      Btw, I hear nothing but good things about you from our mutual friend. And we miss your humor around Trifecta. Come on back anytime:)

  2. I like cake bombs, Salt’n’Peppa, ‘n kids who can do up their own zippahs, in a different order.

    My son, who just found a new pair of slightly too big lace up runners in the house (my bad, should NOT have left them at the door), learned in one day to tie said shoes so that he can wear them to kindergarten. *sniff*. *grin*.

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