Fall Food Stuffz

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I’m linking up this week with the SITS girls because they’re doing a week of fun prompts and I like fun.  And I like the challenge of writing to prompts on occasion.  I also like From Tracie and am down to be a part of anything she has a hand in creating.  And her hands?  All over these prompts.  Sign up here, if’n you wanna.

Today’s prompt is to share a favorite fall recipe.

Of course I’m gonna overdo it and share three.  And they’re not exactly favorites because I haven’t made any of them yet.  But they are pinned to my Food Stuffz – Fall Pinterest board and you will find me drooling over them on any given day.  You can find all of these and many more over there.



Fresh Gnocchi with Mushroom Cream Sauce

I considered putting up a nice soup, but Tracie doesn’t like soup and I like to defer to the preferences of my host so I started with this creamy, earthy, tender bit of heaven in a bowl.  There isn’t much that would make me happier than having this on the table at dinnertime.


Pumpkin Poppers

These will be mine today.  Which is actually tomorrow to me right now.  How I long for tomorrow.  Or yesterday?  Ok, moving on.  These spicy/sweet, fluffy/crunchy orange hued morsels scream fall.  The also call out to that pumpkin latte saying, dip me, baby one more time.  Betcha can’t pop just one.

Cinnamon  Sugared Pecans

Now to a true New Yorker like myself, made so by trial by fire, the smell of warm, roasting nuts wafting down avenues is the true signal that autumn has arrived.  These are so easy and addictive with that warm, sugary cinnamon crunch.  They class up the joint as a precursor to a harvest meal and  make the whole house smell like amazing.

What fabulous things are you concocting now that the chill (slight as it may be) has now hit the air?  Are you also pinning everything pumpkin?

13 thoughts on “Fall Food Stuffz

  1. Fresh Gnocchi with Mushroom Cream Sauce – I don’t really do muchrooms (my pickiness knows no bounds), but I might have to try at least one bite of that. And I know Thomas would love it!

    You are speaking my love language with the Pumpkin Poppers and the Cinnamon Sugared Pecans. I want baskets full of each of these. Two baskets of each, in fact. They look delish. My mouth is actually watering. Watering I tell you!

    True story – we are listening to music, and Yesterday was playing when I read this.

    1. That is crazy. I learned to play Yesterday on the piano as a kid and played it so many times I thought I’d die if I ever heard it again. Might give it a try though, it has been 30 years:)

  2. Ok…I just cleaned my kitchen and am now hungry…so off I go to make some of these yummy things. I think the pumpkin poppers are on the top of the list! Stopping by from SITS.

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