The Look, The Feel Of Fall

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I’m linking up this week with the SITS girls because they’re doing a week of fun prompts and I like fun.  And I like the challenge of writing to prompts on occasion.  I also like From Tracie and am down to be a part of anything she has a hand in creating.  And her hands?  All over these prompts.  Sign up here, if’n you wanna.

Today’s prompt is to share a picture of what fall looks like in my ‘hood.

So yeah, there’s a little bit of this.

And a whole lotta that.

There’s a sweet little bite in the air.  Sometimes the hoodie bites back.

Nothing to do with fall, just a punk cheesing.  And the hair of a supastar.

14 thoughts on “The Look, The Feel Of Fall

  1. OHMY GOSH these are amazing! I wish I could come do fall up there with you.

    That hoodie is as cute as can be. And of course your boy always brings the cuteness! (I love his hair!)

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