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  • I’m over at the Argus again, fearing for my life and the lives of the 47%.  Also, the other 53% because Jeebus help you if he decides none of us are worthy.  I’ll love you forevs if you brave the tumultuous website and comment over there.  Who am I kidding, I’ll love you forevs anyway.  Thanks for reading, Mom.
  • Want to support Band Back Together?  See some brave ass hotties?  Throw darts at my photo for the entire month of December?  I’m in a calendar and you can own it for a low, low price.  That price is $5 lower than it will be come October so buy now, if you’ve a mind to do so.  Also, if you love me (ie, Mom).  And please remember to drop my name.  It won’t get you anything more than the already included awesome, but it will count toward my quota of 10.
  • I sold my iPhone 4 for money for Tootsie Rolls an iPhone 5, but there’s this mind-altering bloodlust happening with the release so I’m rocking the 3G iPhone until my turn in the pre-order queue.  The 3G means I’m using 3.1.1.  In other words, I have gone back in time and am unable to connect with or relate to any of you using current technology that actually a)functions and/or b)exists.  I am playing Pong on this thing y’all.  It requires six D batteries.  It’s entirely possible this is where they hid Jimmy Hoffa’s body.
  • I’ve been assured everything is stored in the cloud.  But the cloud is a motherfucking mirage to someone with an antique iPhone that’s only real use is…pardon my gag…talking to people who aren’t there.  Which, as far as I learned in grad school, is not psychologically healthy.  As I recall the correct term was insane in the membrane.  But there is a current revision of the DSM going on so there’s a chance it will given the new diagnosis of Antiquated Technology Syndrome.  I’m planning the telethon now.  Call in to donate at KLondike-SEND-4GLTE.
  • And, because I love you, I’m doing a song every week from my wedding CD because I found it recently and want to share my stellar taste in musack with the world. Consider this the aural equivalent of watching someone else’s vacations videos. All songs are from bands that we saw live together.  Which reminds me.  Hey current music scene, could you please be a little more awesome so we can attend another show that doesn’t involve Charlie Sheen, elephant tranquilizers or a guy in purple dinosaur costume?  Thanks!

First up is perfect for the weekend.  If you’re having the weekend if wish I was having and probably am having right now in the flashback to my life in the early 90′s.

Ain’t got no dope, all I got’s my forty
Ain’t got nobody, baby, I can call my shorty


4 thoughts on “Stuff and Junk

  1. Dude, welcome to my life with all things electronic. What do you mean this stopped working 5 years ago?! I JUST GOT IT. *sigh* Someday I’ll get something new.

    You let your mom read your blog?! *shudder*

    I love that you had a wedding cd. I was super stressed about the ‘including other people’ portion of the wedding do we eloped on a cruise and had a reception when we got back with napkins from the dollar store and cakes from Costco. We made the rest of the food though. But no CDs were made. In fact when we picked up the tables for dancing everyone left, I guess they thought it was a not so subtle hint. I was drunk by then so whatevs. Also, that’s the week I got knocked with G, so, *high five wedding reception!*

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