Trifecta Challenge – Ample

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This post is a response to the weekly writing challenge from Trifecta.  Not only is this a challenge, it’s a competition.  One that comes with the rewards of triumph, increased feelings of self satisfaction and having your wondrous words featured on Trifecta.  Join in and be judged, you know you have the words to kick some literary bootay.

This week’s word: Ample

Heady, musty, pinned between earth and sky.  Its ample scent round and luscious and heavy-lidded, reminiscent of unhurried sweat and the shift of weight between two people.  Her exhaled breath, thick and ripe, resounds.

3 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge – Ample

  1. You had me hooked on this one. I wasn’t sure where it was going until the last half of the third sentence. Talk about a great piece in a few short words if it can do that!

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