Fiver – I Need Some Gratefuls. STAT.

1.  Blue Bunny Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sammies -

Keeps me regular, and, I think, makes me sleep a little better as well. Buy zithromax? Our ultimate goal is to provide safe generic drugs at the most competitive price.

Because when it comes right down to it, I like cake.

2.  Cake -

                                                  This feminist girl approves.

3.  First world problems -

Being frustrated that my antique iPhone 3 won’t update to the antiquated 4.2 iOS because I sold my iPhone 4 early to cover the cost of a spanking new iPhone 5 is a pretty goddamn good problem to have.  Thanks whoever.

4.  Grandpas, grumpsters and gifs -

5.  Aww moments -

At our Mom’s group camping trip, the kid went up to one of the dad’s and said, I’m having a great time with my Mommy and Daddy.  Omfg.

13 thoughts on “Fiver – I Need Some Gratefuls. STAT.

    1. Did I one up you? Kid eats watermelon like it’s his job. Most fruits and many veggies. Little to nothing in the way of protein. It’s a miracle he is still growing.

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