Hugs Can Heal. So Can Reform.

Yep, this is me pointing you over here again should you care to read my raging on the flawed foster care system that allowed at least 6 little girls to be abused by their foster parent.  The world can be ugly, y’all.  Hug your kids, hug your friends, hug your neighbors.  We need this everywhere, at all times.

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6 thoughts on “Hugs Can Heal. So Can Reform.

  1. People ask me all the time why I don’t work for a group home again to which I say; I’m too old to be beaten up by small children anymore. So then they ask why not be a social worker? I just smile and say; Not for me.

    I would lose myself so hardcore if I was a social worker. By the time I left the group home, I was angry and bitter, not at the kids, never at the kids. But at the natural parents, the foster parents before us, and the foster parents after us, the system that is so very flawed I don’t even know where to begin to try and fix it.

    The kids would call us, 2, 5, 10 years later, they find me on facebook and tell me what happened after they left, after working so hard on the behaviors essentially caused by others.

    I am incapable of doing that every day now. I feel guilty, trust me I do, but it wounds me too deep.

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