Fear and Loathing in Election Time

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So, the election is looming, social media is crackling with furor about so-and-so’s marks in the win or loss columns and my anxiety, along with my ire, is escalating.  I feel like I have been asleep to the world since the second election of Dubya and since leaving New York.  It’s like my world become the space I currently occupy and possibly up to 20 miles in any particular direction.  That election really broke my heart and decimated my naive trust in the American people as a group.  Individually, we’re cool.  As a country of voters, or those who refused to use their civic right and responsibility to vote, we are totes not cool.

The Obama thing did make me feel a bit better about the future of our relationship, America.  But, at the same time, I kinda felt like – too little, too late.  I mean everyone was all awash with country pride and self-congratulation for being a part of change.  And, rock on with your bad selves for that.  Group hug and all.  But where were you in the prevention stage?  Otherwise known as the nip-it-in-the-bud-before-he-brings-this-country-down stage.

You were scared, 9/11, yada yada yada.  Did you really think the status quo would keep you safe and do things any differently at all?  Because he’s the one that got us in that mess to begin with.

I am a New Yorker (Yes.  I am.  Based on the criteria of living there for almost a decade, being in Manhattan when the planes hit(and for years after), surviving blizzards and blackouts and heat waves, oh my. )  And as a hard-won New Yorker, I say balls to that.  That guy, Yale/Harvard educated or otherwise, with his dopey stare was not the guy I ever wanted in charge of my safety.

Now the country has flipped the script on Obama, calling him out for not managing to change the world and all of its contents in the last four years.  So now you want MORE change?  Not just to let it ride and see if we can git-r-done?  Ryan’s Roadmap doesn’t have the Federal budget balanced for the next FORTY YEARS.  Romney wants to take away a right that we fought hard to win forty years ago.  Medicare will be unrecognizable.  Separation of church and state?  A thing of the past.  Is that the kind of change you can get behind?  Because I am certain, if we go that route, that things are going to get monumentally worse before any sort of better can find a way back in.

I’m scared, y’all.  I want to go back to sleep.  But that’s not gonna bring the change.  Opening our eyes, doing the research, exercising that right.  It’s the best we can do.  And crossing our fingers that America won’t let us down again.

9 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Election Time

    1. But if I were in Canada I would be starting anew without all the baggage the US holds for me. Plus, I’d be chilling with you! And I guessing there would be baked goods.

  1. I know I’m crossing my fingers for you!America is a second home in my heart! So much so I wish I could vote with you because i’m scared for you too.

    ‘Opening our eyes, doing the research, exercising that right. It’s the best we can do.’ Amen to that sister!

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