Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned From @wilw

If you know anything about me you know that I have extreme love for both Tootsie Rolls and Cadbury Mini Eggs, have a penchant for using the phrase balls out and am a card carrying geek.  As any self-respecting,  internet-loving geek girl I have mad respect for the King of the Internet himself, Wil Wheaton.  Because he has crazy knowledge about all kinds of things that I find awesome, because he was balls out on TNG, The Guild, Stand By Me AND Toy Soldiers, but mostly because he shows the world what it means to be a nice guy. And he does it LIKE A BOSS.  He doesn’t have to be, what with all the King of the Internet business.  But he is.  He also married a chick who keeps it real, nice girl style.  And I gotta imagine the kids are being raised in a similar fashion.  If I could distill every little thing I want to teach Bubs about life and how to live it well into one perfect phrase I would use the words of Wil:


Today is Wil’s birthday and the freshly minted, Don’t Be A Dick Day.  All he’s asking is for you not to be a dick.  How often do you get to give something of value to a person you respect AND yourself at the same time?  And be a super rad parent by example?

If you need some assistance on how NOT to be a dick, Wil has thoughtfully provided a handy, dandy visual aid.  You can send him thanks in the way of goodwill to all and wishes for the dice to roll forever in his favor.


Come on people now, smile on your brother.  Also on that guy who’s kind of a douche but in a totally harmless way, the lady ahead of you in line at the market with two screaming kids and a fistful of coupons and even (maybe) Mitt Romney. Let’s make this happen, people.  Today and every day.

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