Dose of Happy – Drunk on the Shine

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Over at Band Back Together we’re feeling like we want to junk punch the next person who asks us if we have a case of the Mondays.  So instead of doing the time in the resulting anger management program, we decided to take Monday back.  So we’re linking up our Dose of Happy posts and bringing the awesome back to Mondays.  You can play too.  Now get  your happy on.

Some shit is going down in the great state of Oregon.  Some shit that hasn’t gone down in quite some time.  It’s sunshine, y’all and it’s rocking the world of every single person it town.  And as if it’s not enough happy just to be drunk on the ‘shine, I actually got to go to the Tulip Festival this weekend with my lovely Band friend, Shevaun, and her gorgeous and gorgeously behaved daughter.  That’s her up there with my punk.  What’s better than sun, friends, kids and an almost mind altering display of color in flower form?  Um yeah, that’s right.  Nothing.

But wait, there’s more.  I am now completing the trifecta of editors over at Trifecta.  Pretty sure I bamboozled or possibly hoodwinked them into believing I could hold off on mah swing speak(Karen‘s awesome word for the nonsense I hurl at the page) long enough to leave comments without using the words balls out or awesomesauce on toast.  I may run out of words on the quick fast and need to spend some time with the old thesaurus.

Whatever happens, it’s gonna be epic.  Holla at yer gurl, yo.  Well, in the form of a submission to one of our challenges anyway.  Like this week’s challenge.   The word is confidence, third definition.  33 to 33 words.  You can doo eet.  So  doo eet.

12 thoughts on “Dose of Happy – Drunk on the Shine

  1. Oh my gosh! How cute are y’all’s kids?? Super cute!!

    And those tulips are full on gorgeous.

    Congrats on the new gig. I know you will rock it. I keep meaning to submit something over there, but the level of writing that I see when I click through the linky is a little unnerving.

  2. I have a sunburn. My first ever. Apparently it took me 11 years to get an Oregonian’s skin. Totally worth it, though. I loved hanging out with you!

    1. You held out longer than anyone could be expected to. I got a little too. As well as some punch ass sun drunkness. Which was actually kinda cool.
      And me too. xoxo

    1. Thanks! And sadly the sunshine has left us again so I have none to spare. I’m holding out hope that it will show up soon. Or at least I’ll get a better attitude about the rain. #doubtful

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