Extra Trifextra

Remember when Trifecta’s Trifextra challenge was to retell a famous story, poem, book, or fable in exactly 33 words? And my response was Who Shot Mr. Burns?:  Part 1?  Well, Trifecta may not have challenged me, but several of y’all did.  And so…

Who Shot Mr. Burns?:  Part 2

Upgraded to alive, the shooter is still at large.  His longtime companion is wracked with guilt, which comedy proves undue.  Everyman is shunned once more.  Taking candy from a baby can be lethal.

9 thoughts on “Extra Trifextra

  1. Oh, ha ha ha! I’m so glad you’ve added to the previous story. I’ve been thinking about that myself …

    You are so well-suited to those short stories …

    1. I knew you would. I think you must be the world leader on blog posts with Simpsons quotes. Which I freaking love, btw.

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