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Over at Band Back Together we’re feeling like we want to junk punch the next person who asks us if we have a case of the Mondays.  So instead of doing the time in the resulting anger management program, we decided to take Monday back.  So we’re linking up our Dose of Happy posts and bringing the awesome back to Mondays.  You can play too.  Now get  your happy on.

GCB(Good Christian Bitches Belles), premiered last night on ABC and it speaks to the not so good Texas girl I was forced(by family move) to become at age 17.  Texas is a lot of things; some freaking awesome, some freaking awful.  But it is as big and as brash and as ballsy as this show.  I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it as it has all the makings of a cartoonish, one-note, frothy soap.  But the premiere epi was full of catty fun, Texas style and I enjoyed it as such.

I mean, they had me at Annie Potts and Kristen Chenoweth but, as a sprt of Texan, I also enjoyed the whole stereotypical, big haired, big boobed, appearance above all else, Christian on the outside housewives of DFW.  And lest you take this as an affront to Christianity as a whole, keep in mind that mean girls come in all shapes, sizes and religious affiliations.  This is merely one representation.


10 thoughts on “Dose of Happy – GCB

  1. Damn! I’m sorry I missed it – this is RIGHT up my trash-TV alley. ;) Does it compete for viewing time with The Walking Dead, though?

    What? I never said I didn’t have “diverse” tastes! *snort*

    1. Dude, no freaking human show is getting in the way of my zombies! Ha. Plus, WD comes on like three times in one night. But I have to have the first showtime. I LOVE that show.

      1. Found GCB online right after I commented yesterday, then got a big, old sad in my pants because I have to wait SIX! WHOLE! DAYS! to see the next episode. Thanks a lot for my new addiction, woman. ;)

      1. ARGH with the crappiest internet of all time!! Do you know how long it takes a 3 minute video to load? I can’t imagine an entire show. *sigh*

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