Trifextra – Brrring

As if the Trifecta weekly writing challenge weren’t badass enough, those diabolical editors, both this one and that, are hosting a second weekly challenge, Trifextra.  The rules change each weekend so be sure to check in often so you’ve got the knowledge and the goods to bring it.  Oh, it’s on.

This week’s challenge:  The phone rang at 4am…

After a confirmatory glance she settled it back on the table gently, as if to not disturb or offend. Restraint was hard won.  But even this was better than the bright, ringing shame.


  1. Burning. She wants to answer, has to force herself not to, because she knows she’ll face horrible recriminations.

    Or possibly, she wants to answer, forces herself not to, and still has to live with her own guilty heart.

  2. “Ringing shame” works for me. Shame is like that, reverberating through one. Well said.

  3. I love that – setting it down “gently, as if not to disturb or offend.” I do the same – as if the person on the other end would sense my presence (acknowledgment of incoming call & choice to ignore) if I am not quiet enough about it.

    • I always imagine that there is some form of technology out there that lets the caller know they’re being dissed. Paranoia reigns.

  4. Excellent, I like this.

  5. Great entry! I love “bright, ringing shame” at the end.

  6. I love the image of her gingerly handling the phone… A if the slightest wrong move might bring about the confrontation she’s dreading.

  7. Brilliant. Especially the part about how she doesn’t pick up the phone. I could see every movement, every object. Especially the display on the phone, how small it was (to me) and her care in putting it down again.


  8. ‘as if to not disturb or offend’ I love that line!

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