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Over at Band Back Together we’re feeling like we want to junk punch the next person who asks us if we have a case of the Mondays.  So instead of doing the time in the resulting anger management program, we decided to take Monday back.  So we’re linking up our Dose of Happy posts and bringing the awesome back to Mondays.  You can play too.  Now get  your happy on.

Pardon the crappy phone pic, but that is my crazy kid asleep UNDER his hamper.  In what universe does this not make you happy?  One that I want no fucking part of.

Yeah, that’s him post nap, still nudified and happy as a pig in shit inside his hamper.  The word weirdo comes to mind.  So do the words fucking and rad.

Another horrendous phone photo(I swear the kid has a nose) that captured the unadulterated awesome that is my kid.  He rocks the cape and mask OVER the hoodie.  Because obvi.

Hey kid, let the rain fall and the clouds remain.  You ARE my motherfucking sunshine.


  1. Hilarious, love it! if Archer ever sleeps necked anywhere I’ll try to get a photo but to be honest I’ll just wish I had a photo and take in how awesome it is that he’s napping!

    • That was after two hours of singing at the top of his lungs, jumping on the bed and various shenanigans with the hamper:)

  2. I think I know that guy.

  3. That kid is pretty much related to me, I swear. Not the sleeping in the buff-naked part, proly, though I believe my sisters and I pranced peeled a lot.

    But sleeping under a hamper, that is my kind of peeps.

    As a child I loved hanging in my closet, true story. And it wasn’t because I was afraid, I just liked it.

    Your kid? Full. of. the. Awesomefantastique.

  4. More evidence that this child is awesome.

  5. He really does rock and quite frankly I got to get myself one of those hamper things!

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