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What badass mamajama started the Friday Fluff craze that’s sweeping the nation?  Lisa from Seeking Elevation, that’s who.  Read her often hilarious, totally irreverent and always honest replies to surveys posted to  And join in.  I double dog dare ya.

This week’s survey was created by:  Blankenstein (surprisingly enough no one wanted to take credit for this masterpiece, so I have chosen a name for them)

flowers, purple, painting, simple, canvas - Purple Flowers II

Art by elisaann

 What would you do if:


Stranded in a forest alone

It’s difficult to imagine being stranded anywhere what with all the different ways we have of communicating.  It might actually be nice.  It’s also difficult to imagine being alone.  Like completely alone?  Or alone WITH child?  Because my answers would likely be very different.  One would probably be peaceful and idyllic.  The other might resemble Lord of the Flies.  

Sensed someone stalking you

You suddenly developed superhuman strength

FINALLY.  Jeez.  

You saw a dead cat

When I was a kid at the thrill kill cult we were told to say, back to the Great Central Sun(who apparently now has a Myspace, which has disturbed me in a way only a fellow M.I. survivor can truly understand.  I mean, get with the program, GCS, Facebook is where it’s at for recruiting sheep these days.), when we killed a bug or saw a dead animal.  I’m not exactly sure what this was supposed to do for the poor creature.  Probably something to do with preparing them for the next incarnation.  I still worry about the state of their soul should I forget.  

You saw a dead human

When I was young and stupid and high on life(drugs), I had a friend who briefly dated some dude that worked at a funeral home in downtown Houston.  We spent some after hours time X’ing(what we called it before rolling, kids) our balls off in a place crawling with dead bodies.  Which hopefully were not actually crawling.  Bee tee dubbenstein, my love of zombies is highly romanticized and in no way an indication of my actual thoughts and/or actions should the bastards begin to roam the land.

Anyway, those dead bodies were not cool.  They were sad, old peeps.  They creeped me out and did not mix well with the peaceloveandunderstanding of a person in the grips of an Ecstasy high.  Word to the wise, do NOT use the dead, or the undead for that matter, as a tool of the woo.  It’s not taking you anywhere you want to go.  

Someone anonymously send a love note

Is someone sending it to me?  Am I sending it?  

If someone sent it to me I’d think, aw geez, how nice.  And then fixate on who it could be from until I figured it out or bled out the ears trying.  If I sent it to someone, I’d probably be in the market for a good divorce attorney.  Either situation ends in shit.  Love can kill, yo.

You become blind

That would suck, dude.  I would miss a lot of shit.  But I guess I would adapt.  There are a shit ton of resources out there for peeps that are differently abled.  

But hopefully I would go all Daredevil minus the whole revenge/vigilante thing.  Super senses and a kick ass crime fighting costume are kind of my dream come true.

The creepy thing is that I am currently listening to Sesame Street which is all about eyes today.  Is this ominous?  I can’t tell anymore.  

Your car breaks down beside a graveyard

Call AAA.  Assess the perimeter for the undead.  

Your bestfriend calls you at 4am

Smack a bitch.  Realistically I wouldn’t hear it so I wouldn’t be able to deal with it until the morning.  Fyi, if you really need something at 4am call someone else.  

You could bring back anyone from 6 feet under

I have read all of Stephen King’s early books like seventeen times.  I know how this story ends and I’m not ready to be a ironic example of stupidity quite yet.

Someone kept staring at you

Twitch uncomfortably, sneak glances at them, fixate on why they must be staring, end up screaming Doublya Tee Effers wildly across the room.

Someone ate your lunch

Why you do this?  My belleh is so empteh.

You’re at a stranger’s funeral

Be respectful, give my sympathies to the family, bring food, feel incredibly uncomfortable, leave quickly.

You got 100 free spray cans

Of what?  Is this a drug thing?  Because I gave that shit up in the early 90′s.  Or is this a tagger thing?  Because I never picked that shit up.  Either way I’m probably giving it away because I have no use or room for it.

A horse came chasing after you

9 thoughts on “Friday Fluff – WWYD

    1. When I next see you, I’m going to stare you down just to get doubleyouteeeffers out of you. I’m seeerious.

      And I think that the forest doesn’t have children in it, except by video phone, and only when YOU want to chat with them. But what it does have are plenty of interesting plants, verrry interesting plants, if you catch my drift.

      Whoops. Sorry. Your whatif, not mine. =)

      1. Dude, I want in on your forest adventure. The one with the fairies and interesting plants. It’s a much more benevolent place than mine, I think.

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