Trifecta Challenge – Weep

This post is a response to the weekly writing challenge from Trifecta.  Not only is this a challenge, it’s a competition.  One that comes with the rewards of triumph, increased feelings of self satisfaction and having your wondrous words featured on Trifecta.  Join in and be judged, you know you have the words to kick some literary bootay.

This week’s word:  Weep

Jesus wept.  Or so say those in the know.

I add my assent to the crowd.  Hell yeah, he did.  Human flesh can’t tell whose DNA it holds.

Skin and tissue, abased and abjected without consent.  His wounds, foul and unattended, weep like any others.  As does he when confronted with the reality of not being truly known by those pledging him fealty.

So, yeah.  Hell yeah.  He did.  As if there could be any doubt.

9 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge – Weep

  1. weird. thought I commented on this. *shrug*. I’ve been commenting a lot in my mind of late. Yikes!

    I too love what Jessie loves. The double meaning packed a huge punch. And I like the way that you capture the feeling of a true believer.

  2. A very clever and concise piece. I think I remember from Sunday school that this is the shortest sentence in the bible so I like that you’ve chosen it for a piece where word count is important and the way you expanded its meaning! Well done!

  3. Thanks for contributing, Joules. I love that every week your piece makes me stop and think. This is a very clever piece and as always, is beautifully written. Looking forward to next week…

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