Call It What It Is. I Will.

It’s a resolution.  Even if you call it a goal, or a decision, an objective or a motherfucking Utopian dream.  And I don’t really care whether or not you make it there or do your best every single day.  I can guarantee I won’t make it every day.  And I am totally cool with that.  I don’t judge you at all on your journey towards wherever, so plz don’t be judging me.  It’s progress, not perfection.  A journey, not a destination.


Mah resolutions, phrased in line with Band Back Together‘s World Tour January Track: I Will.  Because it’s kinda lyrical and I like it like that.

I Will…cultivate patience.  Patience with my son, who I love more than anything else.  Even Tootsie Rolls.  And with my husband, who is next.  Still ahead of the Rolls.  But just barely.  I really do love the Rolls.  This is something I need for my own sanity and for my general well being and belief in myself as a good person.  But I have no idea where to go looking for it.  Suggestions would be heartily appreciated, yo.

I Will…continue taking control of my health.  I think I did pretty freaking well with this one.  Something in me switched over and it just seemed easier to make healthier choices and to rock that gym.  Don’t get me wrong, they were many, many falters and much, much cookie dough.  But again with the progress.

I Will…organize mah shit.  I have a lot of shit.  I want less.  And I want it all, a place for everything and everything in its place.

I Will…spend two thirties of one on one time with the Bubs.  I’m hoping this will help with number one.  And with the terrible two’s.  Some uninterrupted attention is only one of the things I owe my kid for the awesomesauce he has spread on the toast of my life.

I Will…follow my passion.  Whether it be writing, reading, snapping pics or finger painting on Himalayan cats.  Or watching somebody else doing it on Youtube.

I Will…win the motherfucking lottery.  Finally.  Geesh.

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