Stuff I Starred Saturday – Bring It, Texas

I am, more and more often these days, lacking in the words.  Next week I plan to be revived by the Texas sun and warmth.  Although those Texans are probs shaking in their fancy pants boots and their over-sized SUV’s at the idea of weather that dips below 70 degrees.  I say Texas, bring it on.  And bring on the Killer Brownies from Rice Epicurean.  I mean, really.  As if I need another form of carb laden sugar to shove into mah mouth hole.
I also plan to be revived by the wit and warmth of family and friends alike.  I have to say that I feel no need to ever return to Houston for the rest of my life if it weren’t for them.  I have memories, some of them even fond, of the clubs(Therapy and Rich’s and Numbers, oh my), wandering the Galleria and late nights fraught with champagne cavorting in front of the Transco Tower’s Water Wall.  Which all sounds more than exhausting to me now.  All I really want is a good leg rub, a show or two and some good one on one time with the Sweet Lady Internet.  Two outta three ain’t bad.  So says the ‘Loaf and so says I.  Which also kinda sums up how I feel about Texas.  Happy weekend, y’all.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – Bring It, Texas

  1. There is definitey some awesome in there….boob talk….animal blankets….and I loved the adoption story! Thanks for sharing and I know the Texas sun will refuel you like no other….well, except that awesome family of yours that you’ll be visiting :-)

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