Stuff I Starred Saturday – Up The Awesome Ante

You know what’s awesome?  These links.  That’s why I starred them.  You can be awesome too, or at least be a little bit closer to awesome by reading them.  And you’re already pretty awesome.  How much awesome can one person contain?  Let’s find out.  Get clicking.

Also?  You can still donate to give a person clean water for 30 years.  Click on the donate button to the right.  Do it and your awesome quotient will most definitely skyrocket.  Plus, saving a life is a pretty badass, superhero kind of thing to do.

Week One

hey you…with the happy face…what gives?

Harto & Co. – Kitchen Conversations: Jessie and the Toy Boys!

Turkey Tetrazzini

Sheldon Conk

New to the shop: Daisies

A Softer World: 740 (Understanding is for terrorists)

Now I’ve done it or WOTD:omnibus

God and Jesus. It’s like when your parents get on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – Up The Awesome Ante

  1. Are you doing the Trifecta prompt? I wanted to so bad but my brain just won’t wrap around it this week! I’m annoyed. Next week I hope. :)
    I think I’m going to go check out SAD lamps on Amazon. They’re probably awesome.

    1. Yes, I finally managed to do it and will post it later tonight.
      And yes to the SAD lamp. I have one that I’ve never used, but I broke it out yesterday after reading Moosh in Indy’s post about how she’s managing her depression. Depression Anonymous tip of the day – use the damn light you paid good money for instead of talking about it all the time.

      1. AHAHAHA!!! I just came back to tell you I lied and DID end up posting! I can’t wait to read yours! Let me know how the lamp works, if it’s worth it. I still wish I could go tan. I look so much better all gearing up for skin cancer damn it.

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