Stuff I Starred Saturday – The Man Who Cried Rapture

Alrighty then, Mr. Rapture Dude.  What exactly was the hang-up with this edition?  Miscalculations, oxy abuse, being absolutely batshit bonkers psycho insane?  Synch up your calendar with the Mayans, would you please?  There are only so many more times we can ride this crazy train before the entertainment value wears thin.  Or the converse is true, which leads to countless hours of mocking and hilarity at the expense of zealots.  Which is really the true meaning of escaping the Rapture, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s been awhile since I showed the stuff I starred.  Too long of a while because I likes to pimp out the good shit.  But I’ve been too lazy depressed self-absorbed tired and down in the dumpers to get it together to do much else than tread the gray and rainy waters.  And I’m not sure I’m back.  But I’m here and I’m roundhouse kicking depression in the sack on the daily.  Hopefully I’m Chuck Norris in this scenario.  We all know my odds of survival if the reverse is true.  After all, there is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.  The following blog posts were allowed to live by Chuck Norris.  Or at the very least by a Chuck Norris approved allower.

BB2G World Tour: Keep the Change

I Am #2

 Why Starting A Blog Is A Bad Idea

Halloween Costume Series: Drug Addict

Almost There – Gratitude Project

Flash Fiction: The Monster In My Closet

brite wisdom for the littles.


Christopher Walken and Zombies, Obviously














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