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Magic Man

Happy birthday, Jim Henson.  Sorry you died 21 years ago.  That was a total bummer.  And hey, thanks for all the awesome you smeared all over my youth.  Life would have been way less radical without The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock and very most especially Labyrinth.  Love you forever for that one.

Hope wherever you are there are plenty of dancing muppets to amuse and delight you.  They mos def did that for me.  RIP, magic man.

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The Eye, Now With Even More Tiger

You know how I love Elly?  And you know how I threw down the Eye of the Tiger gauntlet at her 57 weeks pregnant feet?  Well, because she is the motherfucking EPITOME of the eye of the tiger she has taken that challenge and kicked it’s ass all over her blog.  And all this, while 73 weeks pregnant!

We all owe this woman, this SURVIVOR(I couldn’t resist, it’s a sickness), a big ass drinky drink for this extreme level of awesome while hosting a full grown child inside her ladybits.  Raise your glass, people!

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Eye of the Coug

184.4  same, same

So I’ve got a post a brewin’ about the truly important shit in life.  Which is, as you know, the teevee.  You know what I’m talking about.  The new season has begun and empty slots on the DVR sched are pretty difficult to come by.  Excitement is in the air, the season lies before us rife with possibilities.

Buuut, I’ve been too busy living the life(aka, watching the televisioñe) to actually write about living the life.  Or something like that.  So I’m going to hit you with some retro awesome from my Eye of the Motherfucking Tiger Pandora station.

If you were alive in the 80′s and did not utilize every radio play of this song as an opportunity to R-O-C-K in the USA, I am uncertain about the status of both your soul and your patriotism.  And you can be assured that you’ll never have to be afraid that the rhythm is gonna get you.  Ya commie.  Now rock on.

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Capture The Everyday – Hilarity and Hoopla

“Capture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Mel fromAdventuroo issues a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. You can post just a picture or add some words to go along with it. You’ll have a week to get it done and then I’ll issue another. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.”

This weeks task: A Laugh

The moment when the hee hee turns into a ha ha increases exponentially when exposed to dad and water.

Want more of the Everyday?  Get it at Adventuroo.




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Wordless Wednesday – The Convo

So many more fabulous photos over at Wordless Wednesday.  Go get ‘em!

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