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Eye of the Snake

The inordinate amount of excitement that coursed through my being when this song came up in my Eye of the Tiger Pandora queue was…well, inordinate.  There may have been an actual fist pump.  This should tell you three things.  1. I am a dork of the secret shame variety as opposed to that of the coolio hipsta chick.  2. Tawny Kitaen is sulty lioness and nobody best be talking smack about her.  3.Oh y’all, I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.


Stuff, Glorious Stuff. And Giving Too, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing.


So y’all know by know that I am all rah rah sis boom bah over Band Back Together.  Because of all the kicking the mental illness stigma in the taco thing, the saving peoples lives by giving them a place to air their voice and the holy awesome, Batman of the peeps that built it from the ground up.

The Band has just become an official non-profit organization – aw yeah!  And keeping those wheels greased and the presses running takes some dolla bills y’all.  Or at least a shit ton of nickels and dimes.  I get to be of service as one of the many Brainz behind the Band(stay back zombies,  this juicy brain is spoken for) and now I get to buy cool shit on the internets and help the Band at the very same time at the Band back Together Auction, kicking off today!  Right now!  As we speak!

So go, peruse, bid.  The holidays are rapidly approaching if you’re the planner type.  And if you’re not then let me be the first to remind you that you recently graduated from something/accomplished something rad/gave birth to something cute/did some other fine and worthy endeavor for which you deserve what?  Cool shit.

And don’t outbid me for that tote bag, I love tote bags.  And this one has peacocks.  And it’s so very kewt.  But it is for the Band, so go ahead and outbid me.  Just kidding,  do not even LOOK at it.  OK, you can look  at it and then back slowly away.  I gotta be the bigger person here, you really should bid on it.  And keep in mind who has a birthday in November.  THIS girl.  And this girl could also use that custom website redesign while you’re at it.  It’s a steal.

Stuff I Starred – It’s All About Me

Well, maybe not ALL of it, but almost two thirds of it.  At least for today.  Or at least on this post.  This week a crazy/sexy/cool chick named Pangie(see link below) told me that I MUST promote myself.  Which I don’t like to do because I’d much rather be shouting the awesome that is YOU from the rooftops.

This week I had three, actually four, posts published on Band Back Together which I linked to here on mah blog.  But I’m linking again because I starred them because yay, published on BB2G!  So mild shame face, but still with the links.

Also?  That Tom Hanks link totes made my day on 9/11.  You did it again TH, bringing my happy back.  And Pangie helped.

Also, also?  After watching Dylan Dog and Something Borrowed in the same night, I have come to the understanding and acceptance that I am a independent movie watching, comic book reading, zombie loving weirdo and I want nothing to do with the treacly sap of mushy, gushy chick flicks.  Except maybe for the glory of Kate Hudson, particularly on the beach in the badminton scene.  I mean, really.  Girlfriend would be pimping her own shit on the regular with nary a qualm.


We Are All In This Together

Tom Hanks Cheeses With Woody

One Day in September

UPDATED ~ Dear Portlandia: Really?

Attitude of Gratitude, Dude

Pangie’s Guide To Proper Blogging

An apocalyptic wonderland

They Tell Me To Talk About It

Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Preserves

the one about inspiration in strangers.

Eye of the Uke

184.4, down 1

Next up on my Eye of the Motherfucking Tiger Pandora station made me smile from crack to crown.  Why, you might ask?  Well, not only because this song resides on Eye of the Tiger Avenue, but also because I already have the most awesome version and don’t have to spend eons wading through your Aunt Sally’s Youtube rendition.

And because if you don’t know Elly, from Bugginword, can I just say – have you met Ted?  She wails on the uke and the keyboard(the writing kind, not musical), has roundhouse kicked cancer and stomped on its neck and is currently being inhabited by what appears to be a VERY large(Hi Elly, you’re so pretty) parasitic creature called Paul.  Oh and she wrote a book.  She even has an agent.  It’s all very chichi, la-dee-da.  Or probably less like that and more like rock on, devil horns and booze.

Maybe if we all promise her oceans of booze upon Paul’s arrival, she’ll break out the uke for a little Eye of the Tiger action.  But for now, bask in this bit of awesome from the list o’ the Pandora gods.


Capture The Everyday – Teeter

“Capture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Mel fromAdventuroo issues a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. You can post just a picture or add some words to go along with it. You’ll have a week to get it done and then I’ll issue another. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.”

This weeks task:  Everyday Color

This is one of those technicolor days of summer that I want to blow up and plaster all over the walls inside our house now that the gray and rainys have begun.  Seriously rain, get off my lawn.  I hear Texas has a great big lawn they’d love you to drench.

I hadn’t thought about it until reading Mommy Wants Vodka‘s post on The Stir, but playgrounds really have morphed into some oddly round cornered and sterilized version of their former selves.  Part of the exhilaration of being tottered up to the treetops was the palpitating fear of plummeting down to the jarring ass slap as your co-totterer leaped off while laughing and pointing.  Which is what happened about 20 seconds after this pic was snapped.

Come on people, chillax to the max.  Do you think I would really assault my kid in that manner?  And then blog about it?  On the internets?  Plus he’s so tall and skinny he’d probably float.  Which would rule.

You know what else would rule is a kid who could phase through walls like Kitty Pryde.  You’d never have to worry about losing your keys, you’d always have access to all the swanky velvet rope clubs or affairs(assuming they’d be cool with a kid living their life and staying young on the floor), if(and WHEN, people) the zombie apocalypse occurs you’d be able to slumber peacefully inside a locked bank vault.  I’m just thinking ahead.  Being prepared, like the Girl Scouts taught me.  Those Girls really know their stuff.  Maybe even how extricate themselves from posts gone rogue.

*distracts with saber juggling and jazz hands*

*backs slowly away from the post*


Want more of the Everyday?  Get it at Adventuroo.

Kung Fu, Won’t You?

I’m bringing the awesome back to blogging, one song at a time. This is all courtesy of my Eye of the Tiger station on Pandora, which is so awesome it must have been created by Chuck Norris himself. Which is all just my own fabulous opinion, do ya think they would actually COMPENSATE me for this? But seriously, do you think they would? Call me. *phone fingers to my ear*

This was the first song that I got and it was like the tiger’s eye opened up and kicked me square in the center of my awesome spot. No, not THAT one. Pervs.

I can’t embed, so you’re gonna have to click the link, yo. If you’re like me, a dork who likes to watch stop animation Lego dancing, then this will not hinder your process whatsover. If you aren’t, then whatcha doing here? *smooches*

Kung Fu Fighting Music Video [in LEGO]

There were many exponentially more awesome versions on The Youtube, but apparently whoever wrote this song has locked it down like a virgin on prom night because in half of them the embedding has been disabled and the other half you can’t hear the music. One of the latter contained a dancing Stormtrooper. Y’all. Be still my geek heart.

Music Monday – Rawr

Because we all made it through 9/11 without too many meltydowns, because we’ve all probably got a case of the Monday’s and because I need a stiff drink, a mountain of Tootsie Rolls and a side order of some motherfucking levity up in this piece – I’m kicking off my Music Monday with  a selection from my Pandora Eye of the Tiger station.  I’m going to throw up subsequent songs starting next Monday, or maybe sooner.  Let’s stir up the awesome pot and get it bubblin’, yo.

To get you pumped *clap* up, Imma remind you what all the hubbub around The Eye of The Tiger is, lest you have forgotten.  Be warned, this song brings out the Chuck Norris inside us all.  Plan accordingly, roundhouse kicking may occur.