Wordless Wednesday – Attitude

So many more fabulous photos over at Wordless Wednesday.  Go get ‘em!


  1. Priceless smile. :)
    Infectious too, I found myself smiling back

    • Sometimes when he smiles and laughs when he’s being naughty I have to leave the room because I can’t contain my smiles. Totally infectious. Like an adorable little disease:)

  2. JOY!! Love the hair. I’ve seen these two before for WW. They must be good friends?

  3. Your kid is gorgeous. I love the hair! :)

    Are you taking these pics yourself, cause they’re amazing and look so professional.

    • *blushes furiously*
      Yes, I take them myself. But it’s really just about the camera, the editing and good luck. Also the kid is gorge. I can say that cause he look nothing like me.

  4. hee adorable as always!

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2014 Reading Challenge
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