The Eye, Now With Even More Tiger

You know how I love Elly?  And you know how I threw down the Eye of the Tiger gauntlet at her 57 weeks pregnant feet?  Well, because she is the motherfucking EPITOME of the eye of the tiger she has taken that challenge and kicked it’s ass all over her blog.  And all this, while 73 weeks pregnant!

We all owe this woman, this SURVIVOR(I couldn’t resist, it’s a sickness), a big ass drinky drink for this extreme level of awesome while hosting a full grown child inside her ladybits.  Raise your glass, people!

8 thoughts on “The Eye, Now With Even More Tiger

  1. ZOMGWTFBBQ I was already a fan but now. My husband looked over and actually said, She’s pretty good, eh? Um, emin-effinly fantastic, yar.

    I sang back up for a song on a local singer’s kids’ CD. (I didn’t get credit, it was totally not worth it, don’t ask EXCEPT) I was totally irrevocably at least 57weekedly knocked up and getting the breath in to support a voice was, um, a wee challenge.

    So Yup. Elly, you are not good you are a PRO. And I don’t mean Pregnant Resplendent Ostrich, either.

    Has anybody told AB? Cuz that’s where I’m off to next …

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