Stuff I Starred Saturday – Sheer Awesome Even Sans Pharms

I deleted Neatorama from my Google reader, y’all.  It has, indeed, made my life a lot less neato.  And a lot less link laden.  But it’s saving me time.  And time is money.  And money are dolla, dolla bills.  And I needz that time and those dolla bils to simply maintain the frenetic pace of all the mailz exploding in my box.  I do it all for the glitter.  And the whores.  And the lone sausage.

And can I just say that I would give many to most of those dolla bills for the Comicon evening that @wilw had last week?  I’d like to wrap Nathan Fillion up in a binkit and smuggle him across the border.  What?  I certainly did NOT ingest any sort of borderline questionable substances while re-watching episodes of Firefly.  Plus, I MEANT snuggle.


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