Stuff I Starred Saturday – Top Ten Due To The Lazy

Short and sweet.  What more can you ask from me?  It’s called a vacay for a reason – Imma vacay-te these premises a bit.  Every one is worth the click.  So get clicking whilst I put up my feets and summon up a drink or sumpthin’.

Where I am from …

NMMU Musical Flash Mob

She’s Showing Us She’s All Free

probably the best idea i’ve ever had

The Ability To Survive

BB2G World Tour: Who am I? -Defining Amy

Fresh Ink

Phone Photo Winner!

BB2G World Tour: Who Am I? I’m Awesome

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6 thoughts on “Stuff I Starred Saturday – Top Ten Due To The Lazy

  1. Hey! Thanks for the link! I loved doing that “Where I am From” thing, though I have to admit I’ve read some other ones that make me wish I was looser with my thoughts but then … I’d be from somewhere’s else! So … I think I’ll keep mine and devour everyone else’s work too.

    I can’t wait till tomorrow (or Monday) when I can check out the others.


    1. Somehow I missed the link and just now caught up with the Where I am From posts. I love hearing this sort of thing from all the different perspectives.

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