Stuff I Starred Saturday – No News is Good News Because They Don’t Publish the Good News

Remember the other day when I ranted and randomed?  Well Rant #1 was answered by some sort of divine or divine related intervention by way of  Apparently there is good news to be found in the world, it’s just that those media bastards don’t think it’s captivating enough to report.  What exactly is the good news?  Well, you can read all about it here, but let me spill a little bit of the happy by telling you that not only are we living longer and better lives, but we get happier as we get older.  I’d say that’s some shit worthy of the news.


The supafly.

Neil Gaiman Sings About Joan of Arc

Harto & Co. – Episode 9

Because it’s become a yearly tradition, here’s a story about fireworks

Enterprise: The First Space Shuttle

The How to Hoop Rap

Is This Really the First-Ever Animated Tattoo?

Cool Salt Portraits

Firefly, The Rap

The haha.

How to Make and Maintain Influential Friendships

The aww.

The Pup Who Is Allergic To Grass

Baby Screech Owls

The real.

Go Ask Aunt Becky


Where I’m From

I Miss You…

I Am The Face of Vulnerability

The do it.

BB2G World Tour July Edition: I Am Me

The useful.
Knowing When to Focus and When to Multitask

Avoid Decluttering by Keeping the Clutter Out Altogether






  1. This is a really useful post btw and hee i’m in it again :) yay! also love that about the good news! good ranting job girl!

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