Stuff I Starred Saturday – I’ll Take What I Can Get

I think I contracted a bit of the giant metal chicken virus that crashed the Bloggess‘ site last week.  I linked to the post because 1)it was totally awesome and b)I almost always link to at least one of her posts because I heart the whimsy(possibly alcohol induced) and the generosity of spirit she embodies.  So the traffic blazed right on through this little bitty bloggy to the link to the awesome post, as it should.  But it startled me and made me all tingly in my special bits when the numbers suddenly quadrupled even if they’re not sticking around for the wonder that is LucidLotusLife.  Let’s see what this week will bring.

The supafly.

Grease’s “Summer Lovin’” in Stop-Action Lego Form

Mellow Brick Road


Cirque du Soleil Pitcher

Geek Girl Bill of Rights and Commandments

The Dark Starry Knight

It Always Comes Back To Those Damn Geese

10 Cool Geek Restaurants & Bars

The haha.

If You Can Eat, Drink, and/or Talk, You’re Screwed

Can Steve Jobs Explain Featherpussy? -SFW-

11 Hilariously Overdramatic Signs

Gollum Sings “I Will Survive”

The horrifying.

Cyclops Baby Shark

The aww.

Look What I Made! said Mama Otter

Mating Turtles Shut Down JFK Runway

The useful.

Manage All of Your Online Passwords with LastPass

The beauty.

Lights Over Poznan

Las Cavernas de Marmol

The Church in the Clouds
The real.

Voices for Children

Procrastination: An Update and Question

Celebrating Life

I Miss You…

How YOU Can Help.

Bangladeshi conviction

And, as always, end with the zombie. Love for the Living-Impaired

PETZ: People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies


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